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In my review of Culture of Corruption I argue that there are two chapters that don’t support Michelle Malkin’s thesis of the book:

The chapter on the Clintons:

The Chapter on Chris Dodd:

Today Michelle Malkin answers me on Dodd in her column:

But Dodd’s cratering numbers and mounting ethics scandal aren’t just about Dodd. Damaged birds of a feather flock together. Even before these latest disclosures, Dodd’s approval ratings had dropped to their lowest levels ever. Yet, President Obama – agent of the “new politics,” erstwhile Breath of Fresh Air, guarantor of all that is good and clean in Washington — declared his support for Dodd’s 2010 re-election campaign bid.

“I can’t say it any clearer: I will be helping Chris Dodd because he deserves the help,” President Obama announced in April. “He just has an extraordinary record of accomplishment, and I think the people of Connecticut will come to recognize that.”

The problem with this argument is that I can’t think of any president that has rejected a member of his party up for re-election in the senate due to ethics issues, particularly one with power and seniority of Dodd. The president’s endorsement has everything to do with his legislative agenda and nothing to do with Dodd’s corruption.

The second point comes from a S.D. Hoyt who left this comment at my Amazon review:

In case you did not know, Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago and did her senior thesis on Saul Alinsky, the original Chicago community organizer. Access to that thesis was limited when Bill Clinton became President. So there is some connection between the Clintons and the Chicago clan. Not nearly as much as the Obama’s thorough indoctrination.

It is a good point, I reply as follows:

That is true but the Clintons where not included in the administration due to their Chicago connections or their knowledge on how to play ball. The Clinton concessions were necessary to unite the party and avoid the risk embarrassment on the convention floor before the election and to make political peace afterwards. This would have been the case even if the Clintons were as clean as Paul Tsongas.

One might make the argument that if the Clintons were clean they would not have been in that position but that’s not the books thesis.

When you get past the 1 star reviews from non readers the discussion is actually quite interesting.

I fell asleep on the couch listening the the Ortiz stuff last night, when I turned on the tv and surfed I went by Morning Joe.

I saw a democratic liberal congressman not only suggest the bluedogs were bought and paid for, (Unlike the Obama crowd) but then he actually said that these congressmen need to listen to the voters in their district are saying.

I’m glad I wasn’t drinking when I saw it, the reason these guys aren’t supporting Obamacare isn’t because their constituents are silent, but because they are speaking out everywhere.

But it’s made by Apple!

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…so this can’t be right can it?

Security experts have uncovered flaws in Apple Inc’s iPhone that they said hackers can exploit to take control of the popular device, using the tactic for identity theft and other crimes.

iPhone users needed to be warned that their devices were not entirely secure and Apple should try to repair the vulnerability as soon as possible, they said at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, one of the world’s top forums for exchanging information on computer security threats.

As I’ve argued before PC’s are more vulnerable due to market share, those who attack for profit want to hit the largest market share. The iPhone’s popularity and market share make it a worthwhile target. Remember when you give devices the strengths of computer you give them weakness too.

But hey if you want to spend hundreds on a phone that’s your call.

I just saw a clip of Terry’s press conference. I know his job is to manage the team as it is but don’t tell me something like this:

“There’s some people out there who need to have their integrity checked,” Terry Francona said.

He is talking about the guy who talked not about the cheating. Callahan is exactly right:

One of those people was inside the clubhouse with Francona. He stopped briefly to meet the media but said nothing. No courage on this day. David Ortiz [stats] was wearing dark glasses, but they didn’t help. The mask was off. The big lies exposed.

To steal Robert Stacy McCain’s favorite line via Clint.

Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.

Maybe John McGraw or Billy Martin would have gone along with it but I’m with Christy Mathewson and Hank Aaron on this:

But when it comes to Cooperstown, the site of Baseball’s National Hall of Fame, Aaron knows that there could be a division between players from his era, and those from the “steroid” era.

“I think that some way, something is going to be put on there. I hate to say it, but maybe an asterisk somewhere behind their name.”

No wonder there is talk about reinstating Pete Rose, justly banned though he is. He’s worth 5 of any of them. And if I was managing a team I’d want him on it, nobody I ever saw played harder. I’ll take him over any of the steroid boys. ANY of them.