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A tale of two men…

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…who both died by the hand of the Taliban. One was a soldier Aaron Faibairn:

It appears that Aaron was one of the two soldiers killed in a large Taliban attack on a base in Paktika

This young man willing put his life on the line for his country and died on the 4th of July. Per his father’s request I will be using the tag thankyouaaron on this post.

Taken from his beheading video by Reuters.

Photo taken from his beheading video via Reuters.

The second person you likely haven’t heard of. His name was Piotr Stanczak and the Taliban beheaded him on film back in February. He wasn’t a soldier he was a geologist but died just as bravely:

Piotr Stanczak did not exhibit the slightest hint of hesitation when the Pakistani Taliban asked him to choose between execution and conversion to Islam.

Whether the Polish geologist acted out of pride or religious conviction, he decided to pay through his blood to save his faith, a choice that bewildered his killers and keep them talking about him with respect after his murder.

I would very much like to consider myself a faithful Catholic but I honestly can’t say if in the same situation I would have the same courage.

Via Tim Blair who notes:

An earlier item on Stanczak’s murder:

The video is so horrifying that some news wire agencies chose not to distribute the images.

If they’d been from Abu Ghraib, however …

For our own sakes these men need to be remembered. Both died defending beliefs and principles dear to Americans. Keep this in mind when people try to explain why radical Islam in general and the Taliban in particular should not be resisted.

There is a mighty familiar sound to Ann Coulter thoughts (via The Radio Equalizer) on Sarah Palin:

Even though she’s just a state governor, she’s a HUGE national star who is both sought after and attacked as if she is already a president (a Bush, not an Obama). But she basically can’t participate because she’s tethered to the governor’s office up in Alaska. Consequently, she has to fight with one hand tied behind her back and she also can’t go around the country campaigning for candidates and principles she believes in – because she’s governor and would be accused of neglecting the state. (emphasis mine)

Ok hands up all republican congressional candidates who want her to appear with them in their districts.

The article you might miss if you don’t look

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Glenn links to an article in the Times of London suggesting the Saudis have given an ok for an Israel overflight to take out Iranian Nukes.

It is important and Ambassador Bolton must be pleased but if you don’t look at the entire page you might miss something significant.

The Times’ archive has been scanned and there is a link to a story concerning Khomeini from 1981. It is worth a read to see what a British reporter had to say about the man who would fuel Islamic Terror for decades.

A perceptive on what people actually thought and said at the time is invaluable. The Times has their archive available back to 1785. It is an amateur historians dream, and the price ranges from $9 for a day to $130 a year. Do a search for example for “Guerriere” during the period of war of 1812 and you’ll get the idea.