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Mary Katherine Ham’s post concouring with Andrew Sullivan (and myself) on the Birther issue has to be the most painful victory for a brit since the Battle of Bunker Hill.

I can’t do her post justice so go and read it in full but I hope you and Mary Katherine remember the obligatory warning concerning Bloggers Alzheimer’s (Sullivan’s Syndrome):

No current treatment is known for Sullivan’s syndrome but readers are advised to avoid prolonged exposure to the subject as the syndrome can spread to the point where the infected person can become the trigger for the syndrome in others.

So if you have to read the side links be careful.

Update: Charles’ Heh is almost as good as MKH’s, almost. Does Glenn Reynolds get a royalty every time a blogger says that?

Talk about a sucker’s bet

Posted: July 28, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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My oldest son turned 18 this month and is about to start his first year of college in Aug. He has a job, a car that is paid for and easily makes enough to cover insurance, however we decided that it was time to give him a chance to build a credit history. We decided to add him to our credit card. As he is going to college locally and living at home it won’t be a problem to keep an eye on what is charged.

Well less that 24 hours after his card arrived the offers started coming in for more:

And when you DO use the Card there are NO Interest Charges–that’s 0% APR—on ALL your purchases up to $250, so long as you check your Billing Statements each month and make at least the Minimum Payments Due by the Payment Due Dates, and keep the balance on your account below your credit limit.

Sounds pretty good especially when you figure no annual fees, but think about it…

It’s really easy to get a card over $250 for a total balance. That is a max of about $60 a week. Pretty easy to even briefly go over that and once you do….

…the base rate goes to 19.95% as a minimum with the rate being equal to the highest rate published in the Wall Street Journal within a 3 month period plus 10.5%. And if you are late on a payment then you add 20.99% to the rate with a minimum of 25.99%. (not counting fees).

If you are a real careful teenager then you might manage to do OK, but how many real careful teenagers are there. This is a suckers bet, and I’ll wager a ton of teens and their parents fall for it.

Old advice but good advice

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You know I’m reading a very old Book: American History told by Contemporaries Volume 1 Era of Colonization 1492-1689 by historian Albert Bushnell Hart back in 1897. It’s a collection excepts and complete accounts by people who actually lived and experienced events.

Considering the economic situation these days I found this particular package on Suggestions of Granting Lands written in 1665 by a surveyor named Thomas Woodard. He was hired by the proprietors of the “Province of Carolina” and he offered certain interesting advice about making things profitable, he starts by quoting Sir Francis Bacon’s essay of Plantation:

“…The principall thing that hath been the destruction of most Plantations hath bin the hastee drawing of Profit in the first yeares.”

And it is my Opinion, (which I submitt to better Judgements) that it will for some time conduce more to your Lordshipe Profit to permit men to take up what tracts of Land they please at an easie rate, then to stint them to small proportions at a great rent.

In less that 3 days taxes on Meals, sales, liquor etc will be going up 25% here in the state of Massachusetts. We will in a modern advanced and easy society yet ironically even 350 years ago people understood that crushing taxes might make a short terms difference while destroying you long term, but low taxes and fees encourage prosperity with crushing taxes.

New Hampshire is going to do very well over this, but I wish the president and the Governor would take a hint from history.

Obamacare is in disarray, the president is still paying for his comments on the Gates affair, Documents captured show the Farc terror group is behind Obama’s man Zelaya in Honduras, a taped interview in 2004 has Senator Obama speaking against rushing bills through congress unread and Joe Biden is , well Joe Biden.

So of course the White house wants to talk about the birthers:

MR. GIBBS: No. (Laughter.) I mean, the God’s honest truth is no. I mean, Bill, let’s understand this — and I almost hate to indulge in such an august setting as the White House — and I mean this in seriousness — the White House briefing room discussing the made-up, fictional nonsense of whether or not the President was born in this country. A year-and-a-half ago I asked that the birth certificate be put on the Internet because lord knows, you got a birth certificate and you put it on the Internet, what else could be the story?

National Review points out something else everyone seems to have forgotten:

If one applies for a United States passport, the passport office will demand a birth certificate. It defines this as an official document bearing “your full name, the full name of your parent(s), date and place of birth, sex, date the birth record was filed, and the seal or other certification of the official custodian of such records.” The Hawaiian birth certificate President Obama has produced—the document is formally known as a “certificate of live birth”—bears that information. It has been inspected by reporters, and several state officials have confirmed that the information in permanent state records is identical to that on the president’s birth certificate—which is precisely what one expects, of course, since the state records are used to generate those documents when they are requested. In other words, what President Obama has produced is the “real” birth certificate of myth and lore. The director of Hawaii’s health department and the registrar of records each has personally verified that the information on Obama’s birth certificate is identical to that in the state’s records, the so-called vault copy. Given that fact, we are loath even to engage the fanciful notion that President Obama was born elsewhere, contrary to the information on his birth certificate, but we note for the record that his mother was a native of Kansas, whose residents have been citizens of the United States for a very long time, and whose children are citizens of the United States as well.

My fellow conservatives who are pushing this are really giving the president an out on an awful lot of things. It gives them the chance to not only change the subject but to paint the right as a bunch of idiots.

And don’t think the democrats won’t take advantage of this, Salon has it exactly right:

Greg Sargent reported Monday that one House Democrat, Hawaii’s Neil Abercrombie, was doing just that. Abercrombie, Sargent wrote, “is going to introduce a resolution on the House floor today that seems designed to put House GOPers who are flirting with birtherism in a jam …. [The resolution] commemorates the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood. But here’s the rub, his spokesman tells me: It describes Hawaii as Barack Obama’s birthplace.”

The vote passed 378 to 0, 378?

“Fifty-five people didn’t vote for whatever reason,” Abercrombie spokesman Randy Obata said. “Apparently there was no objection in the final analysis.”

55 congressmen voting present, it’s so Obamaish isn’t it?

If I’m the democrats I’d have these guys voting on this at least once a week. I’d paint the republicans with this brush and I’d be asking Romney, Palin and and any republican running for office this question over and over again. It’s their best chance to change the subject and perhaps, with the media’s help sneak their stuff through.

If we do this to ourselves then we deserve 8 years of Obama.

Oh and this is a definite you fool moment:

Update: This seems to be the story of the day.

Update 2; Legal Insurrection agrees:

No, the primary beneficiary of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy theory is Obama. He is running the country into the ground at break-neck speed, but the conspiracy theory has handed Democratic operatives like Media Matters, Think Progress, and all the left-wing blogs which jump when the whistle blows, a great way of distracting the public from the damage being done.

Don’t believe me, just look at the Memeorandum screen shot above right. The left-wing blogosphere moves in a group, and the group is pushing the same point: Beware the Birthers. The Birthers are not a threat to the economy, our national security, personal freedom, or our health care system — except to the extent they hand the Democrats a side issue with which to deflect attention from the real issues facing the country.

He does in fairness leave out one group the profits from this: The people who will write the books, hold the conventions and milk the true believers out of plenty of dough to keep their own gravy train going.