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You know way back in February although I disagreed with most of the plans of the Obama administration I pointed out that they had only been in power for a few weeks and we really can’t judge where it is going.

Well we’ve now had six months (and boy it seems a WHOLE lot longer) and there is only one conclusion that can be made:

These guy are a bunch of cheap Chicago hoods and thugs who have been given access to the biggest score in their lives and are going to make the most of it.

There are honest liberals who see what they are and are refusing to co-operate.

There are honest liberals who are with him when he goes in their direction but loudly call him when he is wrong.

There are those who are so either so enraptured with the concept of this administration or so afraid of being called racist they will excuse almost anything.

And then there are the pols and business who see what is going on and are going to grab what they can and settle old scores.

This is where we are and we can’t do a thing about it till late next year other than make sure they know we will remember when 2010 comes.

Oh and you might notice that I put this under the tag “just deserts” that’s because we as a nation let this happen.

Update: fixed title