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Guilt Free

Posted: July 18, 2009 by datechguy in catholic, opinion/news
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One of the things that can make humanity in general and Christianity in particular hard is guilt. We generally know when we haven’t done something we are supposed to do. It can be something simple, for example I forgot to call a fellow I was supposed to call last night. I’m slightly embarrassed about it but it’s not a life shaking thing. However sometimes it is more important. I remember 25 years ago I yelled at an elderly aunt of mine over something her sister did, My older sister ripped me a new one over it but I was too embarrassed to apologize. To this day I feel guilty when I see her children and grandchildren.

When we know we’ve done something wrong we hate to be reminded of it. One of the reason’s why the Church has always and will always be under attack is that part of it’s job is to remind us of our faults in the hope that we will repent of them or at least take confession to absolve ourselves.

This is true in culture too, I think people actually know right from wrong in their guts, they know when they are throwing B.S. and when they are being false so when things remind them of their faults or the truth it is disturbing, and must be stopped.

That’s why Hotair’s quote of the day concerning Trig Palin is so spot on:

Trig is a reminder of our fierce ambivalence over disability. Every mention of his name is a pinprick to our conscience. Every photo of mother and son is a reminder of concepts — vulnerability, dependency and suffering — our culture no longer tolerates, as well as virtues, such as humility, dignity and self-sacrifice, it no longer extols

This more than any other reason is why the left needs Sarah Palin destroyed.