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US News finds it difficult

Posted: July 9, 2009 by datechguy in catholic, opinion/news
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Via Hotair we see US news figures that it’s time that family values just go away:

So it’s time for a bipartisan cease-fire. Bipartisan because readers will write in with their list of cheating Democrats—but it’s the GOP that, as a party, has styled itself as pious defender of marriage. Take the marriage front out of the culture war. Spare us any more awkward scenes of a pol, aggrieved spouse standing stone-faced next to him, pronouncing himself a sinner and then refusing to answer more questions (or, Sanford-style, giving a solo performance with more mawkish details than we really want or need).

And that cease-fire ought to extend to the latest incarnation of “family values,” the crusade to “protect” traditional marriage from gays who want to marry each other. The Republicans’ peccadillo problem undermines their (sometimes contrived) moralism on the issue. They should spend more time protecting marriages from internal problems than trying to gin up voter angst over bogus external threats.

So apparently because some people can’t keep their vows we need to change the definition of marriage, what nonsense. Hey lets follow this to it’s natural end. Let’s not pass judgment at all.

If a person doesn’t want to hire a woman because she is a woman we should let it go.

If a person doesn’t want to rent to blacks or hispanics or asians we should let it go, after all haven’t we all guilty of racial sensitivity?

Hey and that whole civil war thing too, who were we to pass any sort of judgment on another culture, if you don’t like slavery don’t own a slave.

And furthermore we object to places like Saudi Arabia that don’t allow the vote to woman, after all we have people who abuse women here.

And that whole honor killing thing, hey we can’t make a cultural judgment when ours is so imperfect.

And those people who object to kids using drugs, hey some of them might have used pot when they were young so we certainly have no business judging them, in fact we should do the whole Sharon Stone and put not only the condoms but the coke and pot on the table in bowls, after all we know they are going to do it anyway.

Why even have marriage vows, we know men can’t keep them, in fact why have any laws restricting sex at all, it’s just not in the nature of men and we all know that in the 60’s we celebrate the Woodstock generation and free love who are we to say.

And hey sometimes we have a friend in a police force fix a parking ticket so we certainly can’t object to lobbyists trying to get a good deal for their clients.

This is the end result of this kind of nonsense. And nonsense it is. The idea that when you can’t always live up to your values you drop the values is the path of the coward and the fool. As the saying goes:

“Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, it has been found difficult and left untried.”

I’m sure the author would like to leave it untried. A lot easier to do what you want when there are no rules, isn’t it? Talk about someone who needs to read the Pope: Caritas in veritate.