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Mentioned my review of Culture of Corruption that I wrote yesterday is marked as most useful. In 24 hours 51 out of 60 people have marked the review favorable.

That’s an awful lot of action fast. It is as much attention as the 59 reviews I wrote over the last year have gotten combined, then again not too many people have heard about the Big finish Doctor who audios, they don’t get a lot of ratings.

I guess I should read and review political books more often.

Beer summit Crowley statement

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“We bring different perspectives to this issue.”

“This is a positive event to move forward instead of dwelling on the past.”

“We’ve planned a meeting and will have a call between us to discuss that meeting.”

They both seem to be willing to listen to each other which is excellent.

“What you have today is two gentlemen agreeing to disagree.”

“There was no tension.”

as for president Obama:

“He provided the beer.”

The most important part of it to me is the idea of both people behaving like gentlemen and agreeing like gentlemen to discuss their issues.

On Joe Biden showing up:

“The vice president was very nice and particularly nice with the children.”

If this statement is any guide this looks like a very positive event.

Arafat really supported Terror? NO!

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Via National Review we see one of the least shocking stories ever written:

“Arafat would condemn [terror] operations by day while at night he would do honorable things,” said Dahlan, who today serves as top advisor to Arafat’s successor, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

I’m sure there will be a few people on the left totally taken aback, there might even be a few that consider it old news. It’s certainly a candidate for the Capt Renault award at Hot Air.

There is real news in the next paragraph however:

Dahlan said the Abbas regime should learn from Arafat and begin to again employ calculated and carefully-tiimed terrorism as an official tactic. He said the only part of today’s terrorism he doesn’t like is that so many groups are running around attacking Israel on their own. In Dahaln’s view, all terrorism against Israel should be directed by the Palestinian Authority.

Hey lets give these people millions of dollars.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced on July 24 that the United States has given $200 million to help the operations of the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority (PA).

“I wanted personally to announce the delivery of budget support to the Palestinian Authority, under the leadership of President [Mahmoud ] Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad,” Clinton said at a video teleconference in Washington, in which she was joined from Ramallah with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

I presume that these people aren’t stupid enough to think these people actually support peace so I’m really wondering what the cause for all this nonsense is.

the chimes at midnightFor some reason there seems to be a bug at preventing me from posting different reviews for these two audios. Therefore I have combined my review of the Big Finish Audios: The Chimes at Midnight #29 featuring the 8th Doctor and Charley Pollard and Big Finish #40 Jubilee Featuring the 6th Doctor, Evelyn Smythe and the Daleks are both available here.

jubilee (or here but they link to the same).

Lucky for them both are 5 stars and very worth your time.