Irresistible force vs immovable object: Johnson vs McCain

Posted: September 13, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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I’ve been reading Charles Johnson for 7 or more years, he is what you would call a 9/11 conservative, basically a liberal who took 9/11 seriously and dug deep into the swamp of radical Islam, his fight against radical Islam, his exposure of the Rathergate memo and of faux photography, and his unwavering defense of Israel against all comers have been gifts to the country and the world. His support for the troops is unyielding and nobody searches the web like he does.

Robert Stacy McCain is a professional reporter who unlike many reporters of today, actually reports. He has not been shy about speaking up for conservative causes. Like Johnson he is a supporter of Israel and the troops and a hater of Radical Islam and takes 9/11 as seriously today as if it was 9/12/2001. And when it comes to the causes conservatives believe in He Fights!

Yesterday in a comment on a thread of the tea party in Washington Charles Said this:

VodkaPundit is linking to white supremacist blogger Robert Stacy McCain at Pajamas Media.

Vodka Pundit responded in a post here stating:

Now, I’ve worked with Stacy in person a couple of times, at the DNC last summer and at CPAC in February. Both were crowded, high-stress situations. At no time did I see Stacy treat anyone — of any color, creed, whathaveyou — with anything less than respect and good humor.

So, is Robert Stacy McCain a white supremacist? Hell if I know. But he enjoys breaking bread with agnostic half Jews like me, which would certainly make him a different kind of white supremacist.

And serious action took place in the comments. Charles being Charles shot back again with links from the SPLC to back him up:

Check out any of these groups on the web, Stephen, and see if I’m exaggerating.

Robert Stacy McCain being Robert Stacy McCain didn’t interrupt his eating and drinking, but late that night replied with first a comment on the Vodka thread, than an update on his main tea party blog entry concerning the commentators:

Why engage with people who think that way, except to point out that they think that way? Why should I be compelled to defend myself against such “ransom note” smears? And who is “MPH,” except an anonymous a-hole trying to recycle old left-wing attacks on me?

And finally directly to Charles in a three part tour de force this morning.

We are in a fight to preserve what remains of American liberty, and I don’t want to waste time defending myself. However, if I may be forgiven for paraphrasing a Yankee, I’m willing to fight it out on this line if it takes all week. Or I might quote Nathan Bedford Forrest’s famous words to Braxton Bragg

I’ll leave you to read the quote, any person who knows the history of the Civil war would be familiar with it. As a person who once took exception to something Charles implied and received satisfaction I can certainly understand Mr. McCain’s anger and in the same position would have reacted the same.

He will find that Johnson unlike Bragg is almost certain to keep up the fight. Foote describes Bragg’s decision to not press the matter as a combination of retaining Forest’s services to the army (which were considerable) and his belief that as an “irregular” he was “less subject to discipline for irregularities” (P 813 Civil War a Narrative v2, great book buy the whole series BTW). This means we can expect a week of back and forth, Johnson using the net and McCain using his resources as a reporter.

I don’t know either of these men personally but I’ve linked to McCain he is on my blogroll and I’m damn well not taking him off. I’m a registered commentator on LGF have been for years and I’m damn well not leaving that site either. My opinion can be summed up by these two clips this clip:

Update 2: I’ve removed the 2nd embed since it skipped the meat of the scene that I was looking for.

I have no idea how it will end but neither man is going to go anywhere quietly.

Update: Dan Riehl knows Robert Stacy personally and after this post I can see he is the type of friend I would want in my corner:

For better or worse .. worse, at times!! heh! Stacy McCain is my friend. He doesn’t deserve to be accused as he has been by Johnson. And he certainly deserves strong support from me and any other of his alleged friends, or colleagues that want to make any claim to actually knowing the man a bit. It’s Johnson that is now obviously unworthy of any more of my time. And, lastly, I do find that, as I also find Charles these days, to be somewhat sad.

So Instead of the scenes above that I would prefer to see, we will see the scene below:

Update 3: Legal Insurrection comments:

With good reason, being tagged a racist is about as damaging a tag as exists because the damage is caused once the accusation is made.

And that is the point. If you want to ruin someone’s reputation, just keep posting the words “racist” in close proximity to their name on the internet so that web search engines associate the person and the accusation. That is what some people tried to do to Glenn Beck recently by making accusations of past criminal conduct in the form of a question for the very purpose of influencing Google and other search engines.

The false accusation of racism is a despicable tactic. It damages the person against whom it is made and the victims of true racism.

And that is why I felt it necessary to speak up this time.

This is not going to be a quiet week.

Update 4: Saberpoint knows Robert Stacy and has his back too as does Dan Collins.

But the greatest defense comes from Cynthia Yockey and deserves quoting:

Beyond those few common principles, I find enormous diversity of belief and opinion in the Right, as well as a diversity of sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race and what have you. Plus, I find women in positions of power and authority. People on the Right are able to have opposite and mutually exclusive opinions on various matters. Put together, that is real diversity.

So, yes, Stacy and I are at daggers drawn over homosexual equality, especially gay marriage equality. But he states his reasons — and his feelings. I state mine. And we remain staunch and loyal friends.

In addition, Stacy is NOT a racist — there’s just no way.

As I’ve said I don’t know Robert Stacy McCain personally, but after hearing his friends come to his defense, I sure would like to.

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