Am I worth half as much as Andrew Sullivan? Up to you to decide (so far worth .26%)

Posted: June 1, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire
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Only you can set the relative value

As regular readers know I’ve been out of work for a while. Job interviews have become fewer and farther between yet little reporting gigs have come up and have been well received. I would like to do it full time but mortgage has to be paid etc etc etc. There is a way.

Before he became obsessed with Sarah Palin’s uterus, Andrew Sullivan decided to try something radical. He told his readership that if he could raise $80,000 he would write for them full time (hiring an assistant for mundane stuff). He held a “telethon” to raise the funds and each day would highlight an e-mail from a contributor. He succeeded!

I don’t claim to be a better or a more experienced writer or blogger than him (I might be saner these days) but I do think I’m at least 1/2 as good as him. (Update with his post on the Israeli’s raid today, that is an easy case to make)

So here is the deal: We are going to have an “Am I worth half as much as Andrew Sullivan” drive. The goal: Raise enough money to allow me to support my family for a year while blogging full time. I am going to push the fundraising every day in June and July with a daily post asking for your support.

I would really love to get $50 from 800 different people, but if you can give more, here are the perks:

Any gift of $150 will include a Dr. Who Companion Chronicles CD. Please specify desired Doctor (1-8) OR a single episode on Any TV show available through iTunes. Let me know which one (if any) you want.

Any Gift of $250 will include a Big Finish Doctor Who audio from the main series. If you have a specific audio you want let me know.

Any Gift of $500 or more will include a copy of any in print Amazon book that I have reviewed. Specify desired book or if you prefer I’ll donate a new conservative book to my local high school which is dying for new reading material.

Any gift of $1000 or more will include a Fedora please specify size.

Here are the levels that I hope to reach and/or surpass:

Quarter Sullivan

The quarter Sullivan 20k.
This frankly will mean a severe cut in finances. I will scrounge for whatever side work I can get to try and make up the difference, but it should keep me in the house barring a major purchase like a car (No car in this house is newer than a 2000). Blogging will continue regularly but any kind of trip will need an individual fundraiser to pay for it.

The third Sullivan 27k. (minimum goal)
This will mean that I can get by. This means blogging will be full time

Third Sullivan

without having to look for something else, but some side work would likely be a good idea. At this rate any story within 100-150 miles or so would be fair game for coverage without asking for any further favors. Beyond that I’d need travel money and a mini request for DaTipJar.

The half Sullivan 40k.

the Half Sullivan

This would basically make up for my old pay. I would officially be blogging full time without worrying about other stuff except for perhaps a column for pay. If I reach this level then I will buy a new camera, pay for CPAC myself and allocate at least 10% of funds to trips to cover events. That will mean at least two additional trips a year, depending on the time of year I might bring the family with me for one of them.

The 2/3 Sullivan

the 2/3 sullivan

$54k: Now we’re talking! At this level I can commit to one trip a month to cover events and places. There will be a DaTechGuy blog party a-la-Smittypalloza. I’d also get the site professionally designed and likely migrated to my own domain.

The 3/4 Sullivan.

3/4 Sullivan

$60K the same as the 2/3 but instead of (or in addition to ) DaTechGuy palloza We would have a DaTechGuy road trip to meet readers. I’d have my youngest as a side job help on the busywork on the blog and perhaps do some events with me. I would finance air fare for a deserving blogger to have at least one trip to cover something. And I’ll finally get a flat screen TV for the house.

The full Sullivan $80k I have absolutely no idea. This level or anything beyond would blow my mind.

The blog field is a lot more crowded than in the old Andrew days but I think this is possible. My wife was utterly shocked when you helped me get to CPAC. If we can do this, that shock will be eclipsed exponentially!

As anyone who has given to my tip jar already knows I always send out a personal non-form thank you for any amount given. That will of course continue. Anyone who wants to be publicly acknowledged will be. If a gift is from a business/blogger I will pin the thanks to the front page for the day and include a link if desired. If I manage to get to any level that gets me off unemployment the end result will be I’m working for you and will act accordingly.

So if you want kick in to DaTipJar and lets roll!

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  2. Tim K. says:

    If you make $80,000 dollars a year, I’ll be your assistant for $20,000.

  3. Cousin Sam says:

    It was easier for Sullivan – I suspect his first $79,995 came from George Soros.

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