I’m Pulling a 4th Doctor Today

Posted: December 6, 2020 by datechguy in Uncategorized

1st Romana: Where are you going?

4th Doctor: Fishing.

1st Romana: Fishing? What’s fishing?

4th Doctor: Fishing? It’s an art, worthy of the knowledge and practice of a wise man. Isaak Walton

1st Romana: Look, we haven’t got time for you to practice anything. We’ve got to find the fourth segment.

4th Doctor: You find it. I’m taking the day off.

1st Romana: The day off?

4th Doctor: Yes. After a journey of four hundred years and twelve parsecs, I’m allowed a rest of fifty years.

1st Romana: Where does it say that?

4th Doctor:: Section ninety three, paragraph two, laws governing Time Lords. You look it up. Go on.

Doctor Who: The Android of Tara Part 1 1978

I need a blog day off. Can’t take a work day, no vacation time till next month and no floating holidays (burned on COVID stuff) so today, no posts other than this one from me.

I figure with 12 years of blogging (not counting the hiwired blog for work) on that time lord scale I’ve got one coming

Won’t be fishing though

  1. Pod Hamp says:

    I remember watching Dr. Who on public TV back in college, and it was that Doctor and that Romana that I remember. Brings back the memories. Thanks!