What the Cheney Vote Told Us about Jan 6th

Posted: February 8, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I’ve been reading Patrick Byrne’s account of How DJT Lost the White House. Of what I read so far Chapter 3 was both the most hopeful and depressing as it became clear that it was the goal of those close to Trump to get him out quickly and if that meant keeping solid evidence of fraud away from the American public that was fine with them.

As you read that piece you have the feeling that if they were just able to follow though to get past the gatekeepers that they managed to get past once before things might have been different.

However the vote of Lynne Cheney told me much.

Cheney has drawn a primary challenger and there can be no doubt that at least one Trump surrogate, perhaps even the President himself will show up to campaign against her in 2022. Nor is there any doubt that the swamp will do all they can to dilute the challenge, perhaps by financing multiple challengers or pushing one with either a dark secret or owned by the swamp but that really doesn’t matter.

What matters is the message and the message is this, that enough members of the GOP in congress were part of the Swamp that if on Jan 6th the vote came to the house with undeniable proof of the Democrats stealing the election two things would have been clear.

  1. Wyoming would have gone for Biden because Lynne Cheney is the only house rep.
  2. If the Democrats needed another state there would be enough swamp people willing to give them their votes for the rewards offered

That is the reason why it’s been imperative for people to chase God and belief out of both the schools and the public square. When a person considers the reality of death implications of eternity they are more able to resist the rewards of corruption even those which can make an entire family comfortable.

I have no doubt at all in my mind that if things went to the house there would be just enough GOP members of the house willing to provide the votes put Joe Biden where he is today.

It would have been a crushing thing to see and not having to see it is the only bright spot in the events that took place.

  1. Myra Charleston says:

    Don’t you mean Liz Cheney, rather than Lynne? Lynne Cheney is the former 2nd Lady, widow of Dick Cheney. Liz is their oldest daughter and a Senator.