The seed Rush Sowed will yield a crop 30, 50 or 100 fold

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Capt Picard: Starbase Earhart. We came here right after graduation to await our first deep space assignments.
Q: That’s right. It’s two days before your unfortunate encounter with a Nausicaan sword. You have that long to make whatever changes you wish. If you can avoid getting stabbed through the heart this time, which I doubt, I will take you back to what you think of as the present. And you can go on with your life with a real heart.
Capt Picard: Then I won’t die?
Q: Of course you’ll die. It’ll just be at a later time.

Star Trek TNG: Tapestry 1993

Screwtape: I am not in the least interested in knowing how many people in England have been killed by bombs. In what state of mind they died, I can learn from the office at this end. That they were going to die sometime, I knew already. Please keep your mind on your work,

The Screwtape letters #24

As just about everyone knows by now Rush Limbaugh died at the age of 70 yesterday and as you might expect tributes are pouring in from the right as well as celebrations from the left.

He changed this country for the better and I submit and suggest that the only reason why the Biden Administration & the deep state are doing what they are doing now rather than it having been done 20 years ago was his influence. For I remember when the very idea of the GOP EVER holding the house was a pipe dream. Rush made it a reality and the left has never forgiven him for it and the party can never repay him for it.

I also suspect there are some sighs of relief in the GOP because while Rush rarely if ever mobilized his listeners against a particular pol (on the GOP side) every swamp creature who claims conservatism in public while being a member of the uniparty knew that a word from him makes credible any primary challenger. Right now the only person who can give that word these days is Donald Trump. I suspect those men are privately celebrating forgetting that all men die and those now celebrating Rush’s death will be facing their own some day with I suspect a lot fewer people caring or offering prayers for his soul.

Since his death there is an error that is shared by many who are in tribute calling him “irreplaceable” because it forgets the nature of man.

Meanwhile people wondering “who will now lead?” are forgetting something critical about both history and what Rush actually did.

Rush’s primary job as a Radio host was to draw and hold an audience. In this he was more successful than anyone else I know of but the real task he gave to himself was to educate.

Rush Limbaugh educated a generation and a half of Americans about things as they are. about truth vs spin, about reality vs liberal fantasies and most of all about the joys and optimism of the United States of America.

That’s why it is so proper for him to die on Ash Wednesday a day of fasting and prayer and the beginning of the Lenten season which is one of reflection of finding the path that God wants us on. I suspect there will be more than a few of his listeners who have grown up with him who will be reflecting on how he inspired them and how to carry on his word of educating the American people to the wonders of our republic “if we can keep it” as Franklin said.

While our enemies are celebrating our mourning I for one am looking forward I look forward to the Easter that will follow when our mourning is done to see who will pick up the fallen flag and turn back to us conservatives saying “Onward!”

Such sowed the see and I suspect will will yield a bountiful harvest to the dismay of our foes and for the betterment of America.

That is the optimism of Rush that we should carry with us

  1. Aelin says:

    This is so beautifully written, you express many of my own thoughts so well. I too found it so fitting that Rush departed on Ash Wednesday to meet the Lord. For he always seemed so unafraid of the darkness. What dense shadows he was able to enlighten! What heavy clouds of despair and hopelessness he could lift! Such ready humor, grace, understanding….

    Somehow he always seemed to find the essential heart of every issue, and was adept at articulating our real human relationship to the important political happenings of the day. He could effortlessly reveal the practical core of truth at the center of it all, deftly cutting away the confusion and the lies. Rush was always so reassuring to listen to, because he stood confidently and fearlessly in the truth as he understood it: a deep and brilliant thinker, who could help others to see what he could see. A man who was in the midst of the fight, yet somehow always fearless, always above the fray.

    Especially when the sky seemed to be cracking wide open and falling in the name of “progress”, Rush was right there next to us: so quietly, so calmly, nearly every weekday for years and years and years, explaining what was REALLY happening, what it all really meant: and carefully building a kind of quiet chapel of safety for his listeners. His warm, golden, resonant voice was in itself healing. Towards his listeners he had so much compassion and kindness, truly wanting to hear the thoughts of his callers, and conveying a sense that there was plenty of time for them to say all that they needed to say. Somehow Rush could express deep powerful emotion in very few words, and even in his so-called “rants”, he was neither shrill nor hysterical. Bold and strong in his righteous anger, with always a hidden glint of a smile: We’re gonna get through this folks. Here they go again. This is what they ALWAYS do. We’ve seen this before, throughout history. We will remain strong and undaunted. Our principles remain rock solid, because they are based in reality. We will succeed.

    And it was so much FUN, too, to hear what Rush had to say each day! It was so interesting to see things from his wide vantage point, so fascinating–as though one had climbed a mountain and could survey the entire world, and suddenly understand all the patterns. Rush Limbaugh: wise and gracious teacher, brilliant entertainer and humorist, an astonishingly courageous man–a man full of love for the promise of his country. Thank you for being there Rush–may your golden heart ever endure.