Reminder: There’s No “Suck it Up Whitey” Clause in Hostile Workplace Rules and Laws

Posted: February 23, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

One of the basic facts of life are that if you reward an activity you get more of it and if you punish an activity you get less of it.

Attacks on “whiteness” are a great example of it.

these days the rewards of attacking “whiteness” are great, government grants, places of honor in universities, jobs for people with degrees in various “woke” studies and companies and the elites rushing to embrace you and fund you to prove just how virtues they are without showing any sign of actual virtue.

It’s like the sale of Indulgences  on steroids.

There alas is a fly in the ointment that the various lawmakers, universities, corporations and media types have forgotten.

And that are laws and regulations concerning “hostile work environments”.

You see when the left pushed for these laws all those years ago in the name of “equality” they never dreamed of or didn’t anticipate a day where they might actually be the ones wielding power over their enemies. To them that was a fantasy and thus when those rules and laws were in place they never thought to exclude white people of European ancestry from using them.

What happens when they find out?

Imagine if you are a company says one of the largest drink manufacturers in the world or say one of the oldest universities in the nation with billions in endowments and one of your white employees having looked up the rules and laws concerning “hostile work environments” formally informs their manager in writing that the various workshops concerning purging whiteness creates such an environment for them?

What happens if said employee if rejected or laughed off by their superiors goes to a lawyer who notifies said company and / or university in writing of said complaint and also reminds them of additional penalties concerning retaliation against an employee who makes such a claim that might apply.

Now picture that potential suit multiplied by the largest single demographic in the nation and the potential paydays for the lawyers willing to bring those cases forward? The numbers are more staggering than Joe Biden’s 3 AM vote counts the night after the election and the risk adverse businesses and organizations

Suddenly the rewards of pushing these programs would be outweighed by the risks of a deluge of suits filed by Americans sick of being blamed for all the country’s problems while discovering the rewards of claiming victim status under the law.

And once the risks outweigh the rewards watch these people fold like wet blankets.

  1. Bill Heffner says:

    Those laws only apply for “protected classes,” which being white is not. Such suits will fail. Some such suits already have.

  2. Deserttrek says:

    Woke organizations cannot be sued often enough or hard enough. One huge fly in the ointment is many are taxpayer funded. The individuals responsible need to be personally liable too. Too many bad actors walk with a pension.