Five thoughts under Other People’s Fedoras Stacy McCain on Police Stops, Don Surber on Golden Silence, Adrienne’s on Kids Social Skills, William Hoge Channels South Park of old and Jeff Dunetz on Voter ID (and a story of my mom)

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Stacy McCain on why so many Police Confrontations these days:

One reason you’re seeing more situations “escalate” in this manner is simply that technology has shifted the balance toward law enforcement. More and more police vehicles are equipped with scanners that automatically read tags of passing cars, so that if you’re driving a stolen vehicle or, as in Nika Holbert’s case, driving a car whose owner is wanted on arrest warrants, the cops are gonna get you. Five or 10 years ago, you could be driving around with a car full of felonies and cops wouldn’t know it, unless you did something to attract their attention. Nowadays, it’s a lot harder for criminals to get away with crimes, which is why we keep seeing videos like this. Race has nothing to do with it.

Now I know why Massachusetts considered a dirty license plate a “safety issue” to flunk me on an inspection a few years ago.

Don Surber reports (among other things) on moments when silence is apparently golden:

The New York Post reported, “A federal judge on Thursday agreed with Ghislaine Maxwell’s request to keep certain details in the criminal case against her secret — finding that information would be too ‘sensational and impure’ to reveal to the public.
“US District Judge Alison J. Nathan issued a ruling on redactions that Maxwell had asked for regarding transcripts the government filed under seal last month.”
After watching the Grammys, nothing is too sensational and impure to reveal to the public.
Obama judge. He’s covering up for some Democrat. Likely the name rhymes with Blinton.

I guarantee you that if Maxwell or Epstein had videos of Trump among their blackmail collection they’d would have been out in the public years ago.

An excellent point on well adjusted kids at Adrienne’s Corner:

Comment from an esteemed blogger buddy:I worry about my grandson on a daily basis. I worry about all of the issues you brought up. I can see his social skills declining, and it worries me. The democrats had a plan and I’m afraid it isn’t fully implemented yet.

My answer:

I would look to how home-schoolers handle their kids. In all the years of hubby teaching music the most well adjusted, happy, socialized, and smartest kids were the home-schooled. Therefore, I have to wonder what is going on to make the public school kids so unable to cope. Is it how the parents are handling all this?

Given what our schools are apparently teaching our children I’d say the continued closing of the Public schools are the biggest silver lining of this entire pandemic shutdown. Parents would be wise to find permanent alternates to public schools.

William Hoge channels South Park on the cold dark effects of reality on journalism’s narrative:

after years in attack mode, they’ve been unable to find good news to report to sell the new Narrative. For example, years of ranting about kids in cages has made it hard to put a positive spin on a sudden surge in minor children being detained at the border. Masks still required after vaccination, no Fourth of July, and renewed bombing in the Middle East are not an easy sell as good news. Reality keeps interfering with The Narrative, and the public is beginning to suspect that the warm fluid on our legs isn’t rain.

Alternatives to the Main Stream Media and Main Stream Social Media are popping up and some are getting traction because the compete with The Narrative rather than colluding with it. There’s a market for news and truth, and I suspect that many of the legacy media companies will be replaced by new organizations.

You can see signs of panic in the calls for censorship that are beginning appear, some from media outlets beginning to sense they are at a disadvantage competing with truthful reporting.

The real problem is that when you decide to live on a niche market of exclusively serving the left you find yourself more and more needed to bend reality to keep that decreasing niche watching.

Finally Jeff Dunetz on the universal popularity of Voter ID.

Per a Rasmussion poll, support for voter ID runs across political parties. 60% of Democrats the party pushing HR1,  89% of Republicans, and  77% of unaffiliated voters support voter ID.  Support is also high for conservatives (91%) and moderates (68%). But almost half of the self-described liberals (47%) support voter ID also. Even likely voters who are African-American (69%) support  ID laws.

Photo ID is needed to get on an airplane, buy cigarettes, get into many office buildings, enter comedy clubs, and establish other establishments selling alcohol. Photo ID is even needed at the Democratic National Convention to receive their official credentials (at the GOP convention too). Heck, you can’t even get into the DNC office in D.C unless you can prove who you are.

I’ve said it over and over again I’ll believe that Voter ID is racist when I see lawyers suing banks, airlines and business for requiring them, and frankly if Democrats wanted to have the people believe the last election was on the up and up Democrats would jump to embrace it but not at the expense of losing the ability to steal election they can’t win otherwise.

Personal story my late mother used to work the polls and she knew the neighborhoods well, during key election large groups of people would show up at the polls (usually bussed in) to add last minute votes. Such people would come to her table and give an address. Mom would look at them and bluntly say. ” I know that address, you don’t live at that address.” Invariably said people rather than complaining would dash away quickly. Nobody every complained or challenged her on it likely because the game would be up.

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