Keeping Secrets: Maureen O’Hara Vs Glenn Kirschner

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When screen legend Maureen O’Hara died in 2015 at the age of 95 one of Hollywood’s secrets died with her.

In the final scene of the screen classic Oscar winning movie The Quiet Man Maureen and John Wayne’s character playing Mr. & Mrs. Sean Thornton who have finally resolved a conflict that was tearing their marriage apart are waving to the camera. Mary Kate (O’Hara) whispers something into Sean’s (Wayne) ear. He does a surprise double take and with grin on her face she heads back to the cottage with him in pursuit and the end credits and music end with his arm around them back to the camera as they head into the cottage.

To get that reaction from Wayne he wanted director John Ford instructed O’Hara to whisper a specific sexually vulgar statement into his ear. O’Hara demurred at first but eventually agreed on the condition that nobody outside of her, Ford and of course Wayne would ever know what she said. Ford agreed and Wayne agreed after the fact (since he didn’t know it was coming.) and took the secret with them. O’Hara outlived them both by over 30 years and was often pressed on the subject in interviews but never gave up the secret and to this day it has never come up.

The reason why O’Hara was able to keep this secret successfully was the fact that it was held by only three people and that once Ford (died 1973) and Wayne (died 1979) the only person who could betray that secret was her.

And that brings us in a very round about way to this story at Legal Insurrection’s about the efforts of Glenn Kirschner to compel business’ to state categorically that election 2020 was free and fair

“The 2020 presidential election was free and fair, and produced accurate, reliable results,” reads the explanation behind the “Democracy Pledge” that Glenn Kirschner hopes to put before “every company in the country” in the coming months. “Those who sought to undermine or otherwise refused to acknowledge these results, share responsibility for the civil unrest after the election, culminating in violence at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.”

The pledge includes a declaration of “valuing, affirming and supporting democracy,” and of affirming “that the election of Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris was free, fair and legitimate.”

Kirschner understands that the Biden administration and those who stole election 2020 do not have the same advantages that O’Hara did in keeping a secret. As I noted back in November:

The Democrat bosses in Nevada, in Michigan, in Wisconsin and in Pennsylvania each knew that they were capable of stealing their own state but each of them also knew that their own state would not be enough. What’s the point of stealing Nevada and or Wisconsin with it’s 10 electoral votes or even Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes if it just meant narrowing the margin of the Trump victory, especially if such a victory was followed by a federal investigation that could put them away for a very long time?

No each of them had to have blood on their hands so to speak. Each of them had to be sure that the other bosses necks would be on the line. Each of the had to be sure that they would be all in on the steal (and I suspect each of them had to be sure that the media and the tech giants would back them up, I would not be surprised if there was coordination with those folks during the pause in the count.) and I suspect only when they agreed to hang together rather than risk hanging repeatedly did the counts resume.

And the logistics of this steal from the marking of ballots to their delivery and to their importation to the counting area in each place (not even considering any attempt to manipulate electronic or machine counts) would have been a herculean task to get done in six or seven hours. The normal cautions would have been thrown to the wind, meaning that you literally have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people involved in the actions, the cover up and of course the authorization of all of these things.

I submit and suggest that given the sheer number of people involved the question it’s not a question of “If” the fact that the election was stolen will eventually leak out along with details and names. It’s a matter of “when” (That’s incidentally why I would not want to be the insurance company that issued policies on the lives of those lower level grunts who did the heavy lifting). Thus it becomes imperative to force as many people into the false narrative as possible so that when the facts do come up more people have a stake in ignoring, dismissing or outright denying them.

Maureen O’Hara knew that the only person who could betray her secret was herself. Kirschner and those who are openly (and quietly) backing him know that they don’t have the advantage O’Hara did. All they can do is continue is to do their best to manipulate the terrain so that when the facts eventually leak out as many people as possible will have pledged to look the other way. After all if they thought the election was fairly won they would not have to seek out people to affirm something that was self evident.

I imagine that Lenin and Stalin would be proud but not as pleased as Xi who is certainly getting value for his investment.

  1. Bill Heffner says:

    The “secret” of the stolen election DID come out. It was reported on at length by many people. A good deal of convincing evidence was presented. Reports were shouted down. Investigation was refused. Courts declined to consider claims.