Mandarin for Mandarins

Posted: March 27, 2021 by datechguy in Uncategorized

China ratcheted things up a notch or two in Western Pacific on Friday, with the Taiwan defense ministry reporting that twenty Chinese military aircraft violated Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, including four nuclear-capable bombers and 10 fighter jets. Taiwan sent warnings and no confrontation was reported. This was the largest violation yet by China, which has made a habit of testing Taiwan’s air space.

This comes only hours after China hit the United Kingdom with sanctions in retribution for the UK daring to criticize China’s multitude of human rights depravities in the western province of Xinjiang.

Which comes as China disappears major Western retailers Nike, Adidas, Burberry and H&M in retaliation for the companies refusing to source cotton from Xinjiang, where the local Uighurs are enslaved on cotton farms.

Which comes just days after Chinese diplomats came to Alaska and mocked American strength to American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s face. Blinken took it, surprising no one.

Meanwhile, China’s military is trying to create biologically enhanced supersoldiers, experimenting with the gene-editing technology known as CRISPR.

So it seems a strange time for the U.S. military to worry about maternity outfits for pilots, weakening competencies for women soldiers, and providing “gender reassignment surgery” for military members. But then, the Biden Administration is making all kinds of strange decisions. The depressingly progressive military leadership seems so concerned about making safe spaces for wokesters they’ve forgotten their duty is to make the United States itself a safe space, and that’s done through actual physical strength and force.

It should be an interesting few years, in no small measure because China itself is facing a steep population decline, which could make its widely predicted global dominance a short-lived thing — and offer a shorter window for reclaiming Taiwan, for instance, than perhaps they previously expected. Seems the one-time one-child policy worked a little too well. Pity.

Well, we had an American Century. How bad could a Chinese Decade be?

  1. bob sykes says:

    As the story makes clear, Chinese aircraft did not enter Taiwanese air space. They entered the Taiwanese Air Defense Indentification Zone, which happens to be international air space. China does that routinely. So do we. US aircraft routinely enter China’s ADIZ, which also happens to be in international air space. We do this to irritate and threaten China, the same as China does to Taiwan. It’s a big boy game.

    The China seas are covered with overlain ADIZ’s from China, Taiwan, South and North Korea, Japan, Philippines… All aircraft are supposed to identify themselves to whichever ADIZ it enters, but military aircraft often do not.

  2. Pod Hamp says:

    To the truly paranoid, the blocked Suez canal is another Chinese plot to warn the rest of the world about trade sanctions.