Dynasty Online Leagues Update (as of 3/25/21)

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Here is the current state of the table top baseball leagues I run. All leagues are 162 game seasons with one 3 game series scheduled per week If you click on a team link you can see their stats, injuries, leaders etc.

As of this week I am adding the wild cards standings for the play-in game

League one All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games) 2nd Season. Scheduled series time Thursday Mornings.

Teams AL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Milwaukee Brewers4737.560—–NoN/A
1970 Chicago White Sox4344.4945 1/2No2
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays3948.4489 1/2Yes6
2003 Detroit Tigers3450.40513No10

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Teams AL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Kansas City Royals4836.571—–NoN/A
2012 Minnesota Twins4740.5402 1/2No +2
2008 Seattle Mariners4542.5174 1/2Yes—–
1973 Texas Rangers3252.38116Yes11 1/2
Teams AL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1967 Kansas City A’s4440.524—–Non/a
1957 Washington Senators4341.5121 No1/2
2009 Cleveland Indians4344.4942 1/2No2
2019 Baltimore Orioles3737.5001/2No1 1/2

*Division Winner automatically makes playoffs

Teams NL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1998 Montreal Expos5529.655—–YesN/A
2009 Washington Nationals4836.5717Yes+ 2
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates 4143.48814Yes5
1998 Florida Marlins3549.41720Yes11
Teams NL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2015 Atlanta Braves4341.512—– Non/a
2012 Houston Astros4146.4713 1/2Yes6 1/2
2017 San Francisco Giants3648.4297No10
2000 Philadelphia Phillies3549.4178Yes11
Teams NL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1982 Cincinnati Reds5235.598—-Non/a
1993 New York Mets4638.5484 1/2No—–
1974 Chicago Cubs4242.5008 1/2No4
1993 San Diego Padres3846.45212 1/2Yes8

The SD Jones memorial .500 teams league is a league (all teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under) Initial season . Games are scheduled for Tuesdays. AM

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1993 Boston3525.585—–Non/a
1973 New York (A)2931.4836Yes—-
1957 Baltimore2634.4339Yes3
1967 Washington2535.41710Yes4

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Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Detroit3921.650—–Yesn/a
1975 Cleveland2832.46711No1
1973 Minnesota2436.40015No5
1998 Chicago (A)2238.36717No7

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Teams AL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Oakland3723.617—-Yesn/a
2017 Kansas City3624.6001Yes+7
2005 Toronto2931.4838Yes—–
2018 Los Angeles (A)2832.4679Yes1
Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2018 Washington3825.603—-No+5*
1967 Pittsburgh3825.603—-No+5*
1975 New York (N)3027.5265Yes——
1957 Philadelphia3030.5006 1/2Yes1 1/2
Division winner skips wild card
Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 St. Louis3129.517—–Yesn/a
1996 Cincinnati2829.4911 1/2No2
2000 Colorado2832.4673Yes3 1/2
1973 Houston2637.4136 1/2Yes7
Teams NL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 San Francisco4020.667—–Yesn/a
2012 Arizona2733.45013Yes3
2007 Los Angeles (N)2736.41714 1/2Yes4 1/2
1982 San Diego2238.36818Yes8

3rd League All time any time Great Teams League (3rd season) Games scheduled Friday evenings

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Baltimore189.667—–Yesn/a
1993 Toronto1812.6001 1/2No+3 1/2
1961 Yankees1314.4815No——
1999 Boston711.3896 1/2No2
Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Texas189.667—–Yesn/a
1954 Cleveland1215.4446Yes1
2006 Detroit1116.4077Yes2
1974 Oakland69.4004 1/2Yes1 1/2
Teams AL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1924 Washington1614.533—–Non/a
1977 Kansas City1314.4811 1/2Yes—-
2009 New York (A)1215.4442 1/2No1
1967 Minnesota1317.4333Yes1 1/2
Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1998 Atlanta1614.533—-Non/a
2019 Washington Nats1314.4811 1/2Yes2
1955 Brooklyn1215.4442 1/2Yes3
1975 Cincinnati1215.4442 1/2Yes3
Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1957 Milwaukee1710.611—–Yesn/a
1971 Pittsburgh1611.5931Yes+1
1985 St. Louis1314.4814No2
2003 Cubs1116.4076Yes4
Teams NL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2016 Chicago (N)198.704—-Non/a
2001 Arizona1512.5564Yes—–
1977 Philadelphia1215.4447Yes3
2007 Colorado1119.3679 1/2Yes5 1/2

If you are interested in taking over the management of any of these teams contact me in comments.

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