Progressives are trying to kill Thanksgiving – we must not let them

Posted: November 24, 2022 by Jon Fournier in Uncategorized
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The political left are a rather humorless and mean spirited lot. They are not satisfied making themselves miserable, they try very hard to ruin things for everyone else. 

Holidays particularly draw the ire of progressives and other cultural Marxists.  Thanks to the politically correct mob, Christmas is treated very much like a swear word.  Nativity scenes have been removed from town squares, Christmas tree lightings are now called tree lightings, and schools even ban candy canes and Christmas napkins.

There is a major move amongst progressives to replace Columbus Day with indigenous people’s day. They are now working very hard to replace Thanksgiving with A National Day of Mourning.  Articles such as this NPR article are popping up across this nation.

Members of Native American tribes from around New England are gathering in the seaside town where the Pilgrims settled — not to give thanks, but to mourn Indigenous people worldwide who’ve suffered centuries of racism and mistreatment.

Thursday’s solemn National Day of Mourning observance in downtown Plymouth, Massachusetts, will recall the disease and oppression that European settlers brought to North America.

Sadly, these Native American activists parrot the usual progressive revisionist history, which they no doubt learned from college.

“We Native people have no reason to celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims,” said Kisha James, a member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag and Oglala Lakota tribes and the granddaughter of Wamsutta Frank James, the event’s founder.

“We want to educate people so that they understand the stories we all learned in school about the first Thanksgiving are nothing but lies. Wampanoag and other Indigenous people have certainly not lived happily ever after since the arrival of the Pilgrims,” James said.

“To us, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning, because we remember the millions of our ancestors who were murdered by uninvited European colonists such as the Pilgrims. Today, we and many Indigenous people around the country say, ‘No Thanks, No Giving.'”

The latest liberal anti Thanksgiving talking point is captured in this Breitbart article.

A recent Washington Post essay faced backlash online after listing common Thanksgiving foods and their “climate impact” in order to inform readers which of the festivity’s staples can be consumed “with a clear conscience.” 

The Thursday article by food columnist Tamar Haspel, titled “The climate impact of the Thanksgiving meal might surprise you,” begins with the author admitting that “tallying the environmental impact of a holiday feast” does not seem to be in the holiday spirit.

We must stand firm against this progressive assault on Thanksgiving.  We must stand firm now before this insanity gains steam.

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