The Ultimate Ukraine Irony

Posted: November 27, 2022 by datechguy in war
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Something hit me today concerning Russia with it’s army and reputation it the worst position it’s been in since Japan rolled over them at the turn of the last century.

Poland, Romania and Hungry along with the Baltic States all have a grievance with Russia over a half century of enslavement under communist rule not to mention their invasion from the east while they were trying to fight off the Nazi’s in the west. The wounds are still there and the fear of Russian Invasion after the fact never really left.

Ironically now the Pols have one of the most modern tank forces in the world, they are well trained, highly united as a country and very invested in a Ukrainian victory but there is one fact more.

If Poland decided to use it’s army and take revenge on Russia it is very likely that the Russians would not be in a position to stop them from going deep into their territory and there is no longer a US ready to provide lend lease to supply them in the event of such a war. Particularly if the other states who all own Russia a bloody nose decided to join in under the theory that there will never be a better chance to end the danger from Russia once and for all.

Now it’s my opinion that the Pols have no interest in doing so and are happy enough with the knowledge that Russia has has to fear them, but if they did decide they wanted to go after them only two things would stop them

  1. Russia’s Nukes
  2. NATO

That’s the ultimate Irony, right now NATO is the single strongest guarantor of the territorial integrity of Russia in the west.

Who woulda thunk it?

  1. The Dark Lord says:

    Shoulder fired missiles… tanks are WWII tech … outdated and expensive … the Pols wouldn’t make it 300 miles