I don’t take issue with Don Suber often

Posted: May 11, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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but I have to disagree with one thing he says here

If they did not want him to win, they should have quit.

And they should have told the mainstream press.

They are lower than low — meaning below John Edwards.

First of all the mainstream media KNEW about this stuff and didn’t release it so telling them means nothing.

Second if they quit and said something they would have been “disgruntled former employees”

Third of all I think they were telling ole George a line. This is a variant of the we all belonged to the resistance bit. Years later safely out of the way they are trying to protect their own reps. I see Hot air agrees.

Fourthly they even if they are telling the truth (lucky for me I wasn’t drinking what I typed that) they are exactly what John Edwards AND HIS WIFE deserved.

As Mickey Kaus point out all of them including John and Elizabeth Edwards were willing to publicly destroy the reputation of Andrew Young (not the mayor):

You say Hunter had no right to disrupt your marriage. “Women need to have respect for other women.” But during the campaign an aide and friend of John Edwards, Andrew Young, stepped up and claimed paternity of Hunter’s child. Andrew Young has a wife. How do you think she feels about this? How do her children feel about it, and what other kids say about it, when they go to school? Do you really not care if she’s going through whatever she’s going through because she’s playing her part in a lie constructed in service to your husband’s, and your, unstoppable ambition? How are you respecting her and her marriage?

Elizabeth Edwards gets sympathy for her cancer, it’s something we an all relate to, but liars and phonies get cancer too.

These people played the public, Elizabeth Edwards in her desire to see her husband be president was an accomplice and is STILL playing the public for the same reasons to get John ahead.

People call Elizabeth Edwards a victim, I call her a misogynist. She used her sex to manipulate people particularly women to support her husband. Now she is manipulating women and the grand poo bah of women the Oprah to sell books and to sell her husband for her own ends.

If that’s not misogyny I’d like to know what is.

This is one of the least charitable posts I’ve written that didn’t involve murderous Islamic barbarians. I should likely be more forgiving as befits a Catholic but this really gets my goat.

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