Diagnosis: Bloggers Alzheimer’s aka Sullivan’s Syndrome

Posted: July 1, 2009 by datechguy in Blame Bush, opinion/news
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I started reading Andrew Sullivan back in the year 2000. It was one of the first blogs I ever read and it was the source of a lot of good opinion and observation.

I have watched his blog degenerate into the morass it is today, it shows flashes of it’s old self but mostly it is not worth a person’s time.

As I have observed Mr. (Dr?) Sullivan for considerably longer than he has observed Trig Palin I feel competent to diagnose the problem. After years of observation I have concluded that he suffers from an acute case of Bloggers Alzheimer’s hereafter known as Sullivan’s Syndrome.

The syndrome is characterized by a singular obsession with a particular issue that causes all other issues to be viewed from that prism. Once the trigger is activated the subject views and opinions on any and all subjects can only be judged from the view of the particular issue.

In Mr. Sullivan’s case the trigger was gay marriage. Once this because an issue anyone who dissented from said issues motives were not only not to be trusted but were to be attacked.

At the syndrome progresses the issue shapes one writing on everything until even friends on the base issue might be rejected due to acceptance or agreement with any previously rejected party. (Re: Glenn Reynolds) The subject himself will believe himself totally unchanged.

In its later stages a person who poses any external threat to the base issue becomes an obsession to truther conspiracy levels. (re: Trig)

Like regular Alzheimer patients some brief periods of lucidity may emerge (re Iran) but when exposed to the “external threat” again (re: Palin) the syndrome re-asserts itself. And the patient will often make an object of adoration of any opponent of the external threat.

No current treatment is known for Sullivan’s syndrome but readers are advised to avoid prolonged exposure to the subject as the syndrome can spread to the point where the infected person can become the trigger for the syndrome in others.

Update: Diagnosis confirmed!

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