Game set and Match to Charles Johnson…but Jones may still toast

Posted: September 5, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I was looking at this post at Little Green Footballs and this statement of Charles:

When this “news” came out, I spent hours searching the web for any corroboration at all in Jones’ own words that he believes the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy by the US government. If I had found something, I was prepared to start yelling as loud as anyone about it, because I utterly despise Truthers.

So I took up the challenge and started searching, not only for Jones but for matching links between him and known truthers such as Carol Brouillet.

I found quite a few events where they were both associated with, and a lot of the usual suspects of the VERY far left indymedia crowd seem to show up but no direct link to the truthers.

I then took a closer look at Gateway Pundit’s stuff, he has uncovered plenty of stuff that indicate Jones is loathsome and for his OTHER positions he is worthy of exclusion but one thing caught my eye in this post:

Gateway correctly shows that Jones was involved in the War Times but I decided to take a closer look at his link. It’s loaded with drivel and nonsense that would make Rosie O’Donnell and Michael Moore proud but right at the top I found this:


A New, Biweekly Newspaper Opposing the “War on Terrorism”

The terrorist attacks of September 11 marked the beginning of a new and frightening period in our history. Thousands of people died that day, and their families along with the country as a whole are still struggling to
recover. But President Bush’s response of “permanent war against terrorism at home and abroad” has further endangered the lives and liberties of millions of people everywhere. emphasis mine

This is a direct statement made in 2002 before even the founding of the paper saying that Terrorists are responsible for 9/11 and attacking President Bush’s response, not declaring him responsible. To quote Gateway Pundit:

Van Jones was instrumental in the creation of this publication and sat on its board for at least the first year and a half of its existence.

That being true we must conclude that although Jones is connected to vile opinions and has no business being in the White House in any capacity. He can not honestly be declared a truther.

Could he have believed it and held back to gain wider support? Possible but generally true believers aren’t shy about being true. Does he have sympathy with them, it’s possible but it’s unfair to come to that conclusion.

Barring some other revelation: I must conclude; Charles you were right and I was wrong.

Unfortunately for the White House all the OTHER info about Jones is more than enough to bring weeks worth of bad press and bad attention. He is a crazy uncle and worthy of attack.

He’s just not a truther.

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  2. sonnyrice says:

    Any person either elected or appointed should be of American values first. I have read and heard this fanatic Van Jones make statements that should have the Government WATCHING him not Hiring him. I enlisted in the service during the Viet Nam War and came home to voices of hate for our doing our duty to America. Today my elected President hires people with un-American values. I should have died back then so as to not have to watch my country change. Double standards have replaced moral leadership. I listened and applauded as our great nation showed the world that in America all are equal. The truth is Americans should be seen, taxed and remain silent. I must have fallen asleep for many years and missed the battle for America. Please be kind enough to let me know the where an when of the battle fought in SILENCE that America lost. Also if there are any survivors please send help to get me back to the America I was born in, I would hate to die on this now foreign soil.

  3. Mr. Roach says:

    He said so, that’s enough! Charles Johnson is having his Dan Rather moment.

  4. radar says:

    Ummmm, you seem to overlook something, namely the petition he signed (oh, wait I forgot, he wuz duped!).

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