Why Kamikaze Democrats are bad news for the country…

Posted: January 6, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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Well my net goes down for a bit and I crash a little and Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan head for the hills.

My first thought was rats abandoning a sinking ship with the prospect of an even bigger electoral swing. While resetting internet connections and puttering around the house it hit me that this is going to be very bad news for the country.

As long as the prospect of losing an election was in the back of their minds, we have some leverage over these democrats concerning Obamacare. There was the possibility that they might be persuaded to kill the bill.

But like Japanese pilots in world war 2 they have decided to give their seats to the emperor of socialism government healthcare. The prospect of changing the country and creating a dependent population is too juicy, the post congressional rewards given by the party are too lucrative, their loyalty/fear of party and the powers behind it overrides any worry about what the voters think or what the bill actually contains.

The prospect of regaining an inordinate amount of seats pales before the prospect of this bill passing. Once passed it will NEVER be repealed and the damage to the country will be significant. These Kamikaze Democrats will give up their seats for Soros the sake of Obamacare. They will have a much greater long term effect than any of their predecessors over the pacific.

Like other great society programs it will take a generation for this damage to really reach its apex, it will do so just in time for me to be the right age to get the full beating from it.

Elections have consequences. Never forget that when as a nation we collectively did this do ourselves by embracing the empty promises of hope and change.

And as always reaping the government we deserve.

Update: Wingnut moi? But hey a link is a link, and I say thanks for it. Just to clarify something; I’m sure there are those on the left who actually believe that socialism in general and socialized medicine in particular is a great idea. They are welcome to that idea. It is because of that belief that some are willing to die politically for their emperor. Dodd is is both a true believer and a corrupt bastard.

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