Arlen Specter Liberal Pet

Posted: May 7, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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I’ve always liked dogs and was struck by this story:

Your dog does not love you and other cold-nosed truths

The article goes on to talk about how dogs have evolved and been domesticated and states:

Their attachment is, in fact, “extremely conditional,” Katz said. “They’ll respond to anyone who gives them food and attention. I have a wonderful Labrador retriever who’s very happy here. But if you had hamburger meat on you, she’d gladly go to Chicago with you and never look back.”

I couldn’t help but think of John McCain, Arlen Specter, and the various groups in the liberal coalition.

Lets start with McCain, as long as he fed the media quotes attacking or questioning George Bush he was a darling, Morning shows, evening shows newscasts all sang his praises, democrats cited his support as proof of being reasonable. During his campaign for president as long as he was far enough behind he was liked…

…then he picked Sarah Palin and the possibility that he might actually win happened. He stopped feeding the dog and the dog decided that there was someone else that they loved better.

Arlen Specter has gotten very good press over the years, his willingness to be “bipartisian” has been celebrated as his vote for the bailout was considered courageous by the press. Democrats favorably cited his support as putting country first. When he switched sides he was the media’s darling.

…then he started acting as he always does, suddenly the dog wasn’t being fed, he was the prop so that he could get the voters. The dog walked away and now Specter is being laughed at and ignored.

Black voters rained praise and votes upon Obama. Yet in the last two weeks black children in DC and black farmers were discarded when their food wasn’t needed.

As the reclusive leftist figured out before the election, as opponents of don’t ask don’t tell have discovered, as anti-war activists are discovering, as long as you are feeding the beast the party will love you but once the food isn’t there or needed then the dog will love someone else. To quote our dog story one final time:

“Dogs don’t ‘miss’ you when you go away,” said Katz, whose conclusions are supported by university studies of animal behavior. “They might get anxious and confused, but don’t mistake that for loneliness or mourning. As soon as they find someone else to take care of them, they forget you pretty quickly.”

This is president Obama in particular and the Democratic party. Not only do his promises come with expiration dates, so does his loyalty.

Update: Glenn and hotair find yet another example of the feed the dog bit for the gay lobby:

CHANGE! Obama To Fire His First Gay Arabic Linguist. Good thing we don’t have that homophobic Bush Administration anymore!

I guess the dog doesn’t need feeding from you.

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