Windows 7 or no windows 7

Posted: September 28, 2009 by datechguy in tech
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Steve Calvi of Zolex PC has some sensible advice:

The Average Home User doesn’t need to have the latest technological advancements. They want their computer to work with as minimal problems as possible. To be easy to use and comfortable while using it. Jumping up to Windows 7 if you are happy with Vista is not worth it.
Unless you are one of those people that must have the newest toy on the market, I would advise against upgrading your Vista machine to Windows 7 at this time. Six months from now once Windows 7 has been through plenty of testing from consumers etc, we may reach a different conclusion.

If you want to upgrade to Windows 7 and you have Windows XP, time to buy a new PC. If you want to upgrade to Windows 7 and you have Windows Vista, you may do so but it is not advised at this time. Sit back and let others experience the issues/problems that will happen with a new operating system. Why experience the Growing Pains if you don’t have too? Save your money for now.

I would go even so far as to say if you only use your machine for mundane stuff you might even consider picking up one of those vista (shudder) machines that will be selling for a song over the next 30 days.

Your PC only needs to be as strong as how you use it.

As for upgrades, there is always the risk of tanking a machine, I’d go for a new machine with Windows 7 before upgrading myself.

BTW although of course I recommend a certain politically minded blogger of Sicilian decent as your first choice for tech support; I do however know the Zolex guys and can heartily endorse them as a source of pc support.

  1. Adrienne says:

    I just said to my hubby this morning, “I want to be friends with datechguy ’cause I’m such a dummie about tech stuff.” As a Calabrian I’ll overlook the Sicilian part …

  2. Adrienne says:

    You realize that the grandma thing makes us related. The villages in Calabria were so small and so inter-married that anyone from that region shares some DNA.

  3. While it is always true that if things are working for you, don’t change. I wouldn’t be as pessimistic regarding Win 7.

    I have been using the release version since it came out on MSDN and it is so much better to work with. The redesigned task bar and a bunch of other improvements have made me much happier. Plus it is snappier over Vista because of a rewrite in some key areas.

    The driver model is pretty much identical to Vista, so whatever worked in Vista will pretty much work in 7. I t is nowhere like the XP-Vista massive driver problem because of lack of 3rd party support.

    So Windows 7 sucks much less, which is a positive opinion considering I switched to Macs.

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