That person watching the reporter being knocked down isn’t just a candidate…

Posted: January 13, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news
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Our Attorney General in action

Hotair puts it simply:

You know, a state Attorney General should be the person to enforce the law — especially, as this photo shows, she witnessed the assault and battery …

Details from the horses mouth here if you want details.

This is what happens when you have a one party state with people who are never challenged and feel they are entitled to whatever they get, but they could not get away with this if we voters from Massachusetts didn’t cooperate.

Could the democratic primary voters of my state have been more foolish? Of course they could, we do it every election up here.

  1. bunkerville says:

    She doesn’t enforce the law. So worried about abortion- how about pedophiles? According to the Dailykos, she gave the infamous pedophile Father Geoghan a pass and did not charge him. He went on to abused hundreds of little boys.

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  3. rightwinggamer says:

    The amount of support I’ve seen for Coakley is all but nil in my neck of the woods, granted people aren’t talking much either. I don’t think her antics or liberal policies to rape or child molestation victims make her a warm candidate for many.

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  6. rightwinggamer says:

    Sadly my job keeps me from asking too many people around my neck of the woods aside from family and friends up here. Yes, I do bring the subject up. But in my neck of the woods, I’ve yet to see to see signs for either candidate. This is a fairly heavily liberal town as history goes, but the few people I’ve talked to in church aren’t really going for it. The only thing is that the Brown campaign has managed to call my line four times this week and it’s driving my wife crazy.