Lohan sex tape, a computer virus waiting to happen

Posted: January 16, 2010 by datechguy in tech
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This is not something I would normally cover but the rumored Lindsay Lohan sex tape is going to produce a lot of serious viral infections and not just on film.

Mark my words as soon as such a tape comes out the Limewires and bittorrents will be full of downloads and fake sites promising said tape delivering instead a plethora of virus, spyware, malware, various bots and Martha Coakley negative ads (they are running everywhere else after all).

So teenagers heed my warning, the 40 seconds of film you will “enjoy” may cost you many dollars and hours of virus removal.

And if you don’t, well you can always hire me to remove them.

  1. kahall says:

    I have been removing Internet Security 2009/2010 a lot lately. There must be something else out there already people really can’t help clicking on or downloading. These computers always have some kind of up to date AV on them but they get infected anyway. Is there one that keeps this nastiness from getting on a pc in the first place? I can’t seem to find one that claims it will.

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  4. Just do not open mails you dont know where come from…