First Report 8:39 a.m. Fitchburg

Posted: January 19, 2010 by datechguy in elections, local stuff
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The line at the polling station started before 7 a.m. and the stream of voters remained steady despite slick roads.

Poll workers said the voters were enthusiastic, they hadn’t seen anything like it before in a state where the results of National elections are a given.

Update: Talked to an elderly couple as they left the polls. There were excited to be voting in a contested race in Massachusetts and Voted for Brown. I asked what they hear from people they work with. That includes a lot of non-profits, and college people; traditional bastions of Democratic strength; they report a 55-45 split in favor Coakley among the ones they know. They expressed a worry concerning machine politics and dirty tricks.

At the roadside entrance to the parking lot where people traditionally hold signs for their candidates a single person holding a Brown sign was present when I came in. On my way out we spoke. He had been there since 7 a.m. and people driving in and driving by were honking and giving thumbs up the entire time.

He was joined by two guards from a local prison holding a sign promoting a local candidate for Sheriff. The guards were solidly for Brown as were the people they worked with.

Update 2: Robert Stacy is awake and blogging

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