Vote is in progress…

Posted: March 21, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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At the moment 22 democrats have voted no, I suspect the speaker will allow at least 33 to do so, keeping at least 5 in reserve.

The reason why they wouldn’t allow a roll call is it makes it harder to give Democrats the “fishbait” option.

Update: They Yea’s are up to 200 watch the Nay vote on the Dem side go up one at a time as they fight over who gets to have cover.

Update 209-196 16 dems left they must really be fighting for the privilege to pretend that they opposed this bill.

Update 2 219 votes, so that no one democrat can be blamed. I guess I won’t be working for a while. Technically the Stupak 6 make the difference.

Update 3 Stupak is now claiming that the Stupak amendment doesn’t protect life. Is claiming that Democrats have ensured that the sanctity of life is protected. Apparently when you choose to go for the big lie you go all in. That line about the democrats being the protectors of life is going to haunt Mr. Stupak for the rest of his political life. The ad writes itself.

  1. Chris Lackey says:

    Why do you say you won’t be working for a while?

  2. rightwinggamer says:

    Now I hope I still have a job. At least I get my insurance through my wife’s work.

  3. A job killer? Some would argue that a major reason why companies were not hiring was due to the uncertainty of the result of the health care debate over the last year.