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Posted: November 16, 2022 by datechguy in abortion, elections
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There are those who are blaming the Dobbs ruling for the results of the last election in the sense that it energized the democrats future cat lady base and the guys who hope to pump and dump rather than risk supporting a kid.

I suspect that there are plenty of GOP establishment deep state members who would be happy to dump the abortion issue that that Roe is gone because they think it might mean votes. Many of them I suspect don’t care all that much for the faithful Catholics and other Christians who have voted with them over this issue, but simply wanted the votes.

Let me explain something.

A lot of us former Democrats who are Christians didn’t rush to become Republicans out of love for the GOP, we came to vote with your for the sake of a purpose, the defense of life. If the cost of that defense is a disappointing midterm those terms are acceptable.

If the cost of it is a stronger democrat base that’s fine with us too.

It’s all and always been about the lives, the GOP is a vehicle for saving those lives and they have our votes as long as they continue to be such a vehicle

Or to paraphrase Lincoln. Our paramount goal is to save the lives of children and is not for or against advancing the electoral prospects of the Republican party.

  • If we can save children from abortion by voting for a Straight Republican Ticket we will do so
  • If we can save children from abortion by voting against a straight republican ticket we will do so
  • and if we can save children from abortion by voting for the GOP tickets in some places but not in others we’d do that too.

If you want to understand the religious voter who now regularly votes GOP, that’s all you need

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