A very friendly invitation to Pa-12

Posted: May 3, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire, elections, opinion/news, personal
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Stacy McCain continues to beat the Bushes to find the details in Pa-12 and some of these seem to be familiar:

While I was at Burns campaign HQ Friday, I interviewed a registered Democrat from Fayette County who stopped by the office to pick up a yard sign. This was a blue-collar working man who had voted for Murtha in the past, but who has no use at all for the agenda currently being pushed by Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Again we have a situation where a district was comfortable with a longtime member of congress and perhaps looking the other way on certain things because he brought home the bacon and had power, but now that he’s gone people will now vote their own interest.

Where have I seen this before?

I was kinda busy this weekend so I missed Robert Stacy’s & Roxeanne’s suggestion concerning PA 12.

I don’t mind doing the drive down there although the election is on my Birthday so the family might be a tad annoyed, but if the time to panic is at hand any kind of thing that generates income is welcome.

So if you want to the DaTipJar to send me to PA 12, that’s great. (Specify PA-12 in the comment) Stacy’s calculations leave out any kind of Hotel or place to sleep but we are talking 10 hours down and ten hours back. Assuming I can get a cheap hotel for $50 a night. If I can Get $500 by the end of the week to DaTipJar then I’ll head down. If by the 8th I have said $500 I’ll pick a day to head there. For every extra $250 a day that comes in I’ll add an extra day. (That covers hotel plus my fee).

It’s all up to you guys. Should I stay or should I go, or to put it another way: Is what I do here worth it to you? Excitable Andrew actually managed to raise $80k a year to blog independently from his readers before he got his Atlantic gig. What would this on site reporting be worth to you?

  1. The way that my schedule for the next few weeks is shaping up, it might be possible for me to go down there the weekend before.

  2. Um… I don’t think that you would put up with my driving, which seldom occurs below 80 mph and does not include stops. In my world, the 600 miles out to Pennsylvania should take about seven hours.

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