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Posted: May 10, 2010 by datechguy in media, opinion/news
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…I don’t know Elena Kagan personally, never met her, never really followed her. I don’t know if she is a lesbian or not and frankly don’t care. It seems to be an “open secret” but I’ve never really gone for “open secret” stuff. If she wants to declare her sexual preference that’s fine, if not that’s fine too. It’s not true one way or another until she says so and either way it’s not my business.

That being said what is really interesting watching Morning Joe this morning is the number of times the words “4th woman” (over and over) vs the number of times “1st lesbian” (never) is being said.

If this is something “everyone knows” the fact that the media won’t and hasn’t said it is very telling. The media has constantly bombarded us with the proposition that Homosexuality in all its forms should be embraced and even celebrated by society. Yet, if this is true, the historic nature of this nomination the “breakthrough” is not being touched. Not even being alluded to.

Why is this the case? In my opinion three reasons:

1. They are convinced that this will hurt them (the administration) in the elections this year. They are already in rough shape and don’t want to make things worse.

2. If it is discussed they want it to come from a conservative outlet so they can cry “bigotry”.

3. Demographics. If you look at Prop 8 the Black community is not on board with the whole Gay Marriage thing. This year there are an unprecedented amount of black conservatives running on the republican side. Cynthia is on the money here. If the black or Latino community move even slightly toward the R column the game will be over for Democrats for generations.

This I think speaks to the hypocrisy of the media more than anything else.

Of course maybe they think she is another Gregg Kravitz.

Presuming she is the nominee I will likely oppose her based on her judicial philosophy (yes I’m going to use the same standard the left uses for us) , however from what I can see there is no question that she is a qualified candidate and philosophy aside certainly can do the job. If she however wants to use foreign or international law as a precedent for ruling then we have a real problem here, but that problem if it exists wont be with who she is sleeping with.

Update: Interesting. I believe the true expression of media bias is not what the media says but what it doesn’t. Take a look at this Media Matters list of “Myths” about Elena Kagan and note what is not said.

Update 2: Legal Insurrection points out another irony.

Update 3: Camp of the saints calls my reasoning fine but doesn’t answer the real question. I know that in the photo at the bottom of his page I’m the guy on the left, which one of the remaining two are him and which is Robert Stacy?

Update 4 Andrew Sullivan and Hot Air address the question Stacy, Cynthia and I have been talking about this morning. Keep track of the relative times. Sullivan is going to be a very important reference at this blog in about 20 days.

Update: Little Miss Attila has the last and the funniest word on the subject:

I’d love to jump into the fray and demand that Elena Kagan disclose any feelings she might have about women as potential life partners, but I’m searching desperately for my gay agenda. I think I may have left it in the closet . . .

That’s a pretty good line.

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  5. bobbelvedere says:

    In response to your query: You are clearly not the man on the left in the picture, because (1) you are much handsomer [I mean that in a totally John Wayne-like hetero way] and (2) you are, as would be expected, the man taking the picture [this is what you do best – I can’t wait for you to post the video].

    The man on the right is Stacy; in the middle is a young Elena Kagan; the man on the left is Smitty [the haircut is a dead giveaway]. I am, of course, not in the picture, but over at the bar, where you will usually find me.

  6. Hi, sweetie! I hope you are well and prospering!

    Two points: First, gays and lesbians are not celebrated in the media — we are generally trashed, left out and left behind by both Left and Right. The Left just barely talks the talk, but does NOT walk the walk. If they did, and ever intended to, gays would have equality under the law right now.

    Second, the identity groups that fiscal conservatism CAN capture are lesbians and gays, women and Jews. That’s because liberty, individualism, capitalism, the rule of law, small government and lower taxes really best serve the interests of these groups in ways they can grasp pretty quickly once they learn they can sign up for fiscal conservatism and eschew the totalitarian control social conservatives wish to impose on everyone.

    Fiscal conservatism serves the best interests of pretty much everyone, but blacks and Latins are the big winners of the Left’s identity politics jackpot of statist goodies and it will take much longer to persuade them why it is in their best interest to take their hands out of the cookie jar.

  7. I do think that fiscal conservatism is a clear winner to the vast majority of the population, but don’t think that it works absent at least a social acceptance of social conservatism. (The government need not impose it from on high… just stop fighting us on it.) The big reasons why people “need” welfare result from the opposition to social conservative principles: having children out of wedlock, using drugs, allowing the family structure to break down, etc.

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