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Toy Story 3: Amazon Review

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My review of the new movie Toy Story 3 staring the Tom Hanks and Tim Allen is available at here.

The slight improvement in technology is less impressive than the consistent quality of the writing and the plotting.

My answer to Dave on Israel…

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One of my most prolific commentators lately is a liberal fellow named David W. Walters. He has been kind enough to give me his attention and critiques on the issue and I’m very pleased to have him. After all if your positions are worth anything they can stand up under fire. Anyways Today he left the following comment concerning the blog redesign (Thumbs up, thanks) and Israel: to wit:

-Your blog looks better…..
But Israel has lost my support and is loosing the support of more Americans as they continue to occupy Palestinian territory and brutalize civilians. Yes, I abhor terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. But those actions are the result of Palestinian rage against Israel. If Israel is really interested in a peaceful settlement with Palestinians, they have to stop taking land that isn’t theirs by bulldozing people’s homes and cutting off water supplies. That just isn’t civilized.

I wrote a very long response that really should be a post so I’m promoting it:

I have to disagree for several reasons:

First of all the first partition split the country into two parts, a Jewish and an Arab one. The “Palestinian” part was Jordan. However the Arabs decided they would rather kill off the Jews instead.

Secondly nobody even thought of a different Palestinian state until Israel conquered the west bank and Gaza. Egypt and Jordan could have made a “Palestinian” state any time they wanted to at that time, but didn’t.

Thirdly: Israel has over and over again given up land for peace and has not gotten peace for it.

Fourthly: Israel pulled out of Gaza fully leaving behind green houses and all kinds of infrastructure, never was the chance for an area to develop better, and yet the Arabs choose to use it as a rocket base to kill Jews.

Fifthly: In arab schools Jews are constantly taught that Jews are to be killed, remember the famous moment here in the US just this year. If you don’t want to bother clicking here is the key quote:

Horowitz …‘Okay, I’ll put it to you this way. I am a Jew. The head of Hizbollah has said that he hopes that we will gather in Israel so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. For or Against it?

MSA member: For it.

Or put in in short form. How can you tell the Arab position is bull. Because Arabs serve in the Israeli government and have the vote in Israel, while the Arab/Palestinian area are Judenrein.

When a Jew can live as safely in an Arab area as an Arab can live in Israel, then we’ll talk.

Update: Totten provides a current sixthly

Namely by reminding me that the blog doesn’t include a link to Pundit & Pundette in my blogroll.

However that’s easily fixed. Cue 1812

Nice to have you.

Update: Fisherville Mike is taken care of too. Welcome aboard.

My 2 cents on the Clinton wedding…

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I approve of people getting married, my best to her and her husband for a long and happy married life.

As for the cost, listen, her folks are rich, this is their only child and hopefully her only wedding. There are a lot of things that are worth hitting the Clintons for, this isn’t one of them. Life isn’t politics ,we can forget our political differences for a day and just be, you know normal people.

When it comes to their daughter’s wedding I say get off their backs.

Update: One other thing. In a bad economy, pumping 2 million into the economy is a good thing. (Yeah they are right about the hypocrisy but I’m Sicilian and it’s the day of his daughter’s wedding).

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