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Israel attacked from the north

Posted: August 3, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news, war
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How many times do we have to read this story before the world get it though their heads what is going on in Israel?

Good thing we have that brave UN to prevent the Lebanese army from attacking Jews in Israel. Israellycool makes a good point:

What is not clear is whether the Lebanese soldier picture actually fired the RPG, but it is nonetheless problematic that UNIFIL would just happen to be “hanging out” with the Lebanese soldiers during the clashes with Israel.

Or even worse: shielding them.

No comment yet from Helen Thomas or Octavia Nasr.

This was done in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses that means it was done for a reason. Was it to prove Israeli response, to keep Jewish eyes elsewhere?

Time will tell.

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TPM has a great suggestion for liberals who can’t seem to actually prove that Tea Party members are in fact racists, show up at Tea Party events with Confederate flags.

A pseudonymous liberal blogger in Washington state hopes that progressives across the country will show up to tea party rallies on September 12

Because nothing says people on the right are racist like leftists showing up at their rallies carrying Confederate Flags, but that’s not all they really have a great plan to get Tea party People riled up.

and — if it’s legal — light up a confederate flag so tea partiers can watch it burn

Apparently Evan McMorris-Santoro is so ignorant that he believes that the Tea parties are all a bunch of confederates just waiting for a new chance to reinstate slavery. (Paging Shirley Sherrod anyone?). Do you really think any of us give a damn if you burn a confederate flag or no?

The Civil War flag of the Massachusetts 15th from Leominster Mass.

Mr. Santoro let me show you a picture from a tea party rally I attended. It’s the Flag of the Massachusetts 15th regiment that fought in some very tough civil war battles. It’s being held by a tea party member at a tea party flag day event. You will note that their hands aren’t burning from contact with a union flag.

Ironically if the Capital police don’t allow it you to set fires (Considering the crowd size that is highly likely) what will you end up with? A bunch of liberals holding confederate flags at a rally. What are you going to do then? Hire another batch of “Progressives” to act outraged?

Then again you guys are getting better, back in January liberals didn’t know one flag from another.

When you create a phony stereotype of the tea parties you make fools out of yourselves, you sound like the type of people who send racist gift baskets.

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on Morning Joe and elsewhere.

If we hadn’t stayed in Germany, Japan and South Korea for decades after World War II (and Korea) how long would we have had to wait for the next major war?

How many years would it have been before either Russia, China or North Korea conquering the weakened powers, or from rearmed Japan or Germany culturally unchanged and rearmed decided to reassert themselves?

Take your time, my K of C thing isn’t till later tonight.

Answer: To keep it out of conservative hands

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Question: Why did Tycoon Sidney Harman purchase Newsweek and take on its debts as described by the Daily Caller?

After all you don’t want to risk a magazine browsed by many disinterested readers in doctor’s offices around the country to be exposed to anything resembling conservative thought. What would wife in congress say?

Hey if rich liberals want to throw their money away, that’s their business.

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