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Mark Reynolds is a business owner who came to hear what Charlie Baker had to say:

I didn’t get a chance to talk to him afterward but I might swing back to see what he says later.

BTW in case it isn’t a given to some people…

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You don’t often see me make a formal endorsement of candidates but lets make a specific statement.

As a conservative Republican it is a given that I am supporting and/or endorsing the republican in any race unless I specify otherwise. (NY-23 special election for example).

Blogchild of mine the Carmelite has gotten a piece published at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette on the subject of Women priests in the Catholic Church:

As I said, in order to confect the Eucharist, the priest must be validly ordained — not “done in secret” by bishops who “secretly support their cause.” All sacraments are gifts of God to the Church and therefore cannot be performed in secret. The great exception to this is in areas where there is grave danger of persecution of the Church in some countries.

Thus, the ordination of women as priests is indeed a grave matter against the sacrament of ordination and the other sacraments as well because priests administer all. God becomes incarnate in today’s world through two means: the birth of a new child (see Genesis 1:26) and through the Holy Eucharist.

You should of course read the whole thing, and as she is looking for sponsorship for her trip to the canonization of Br. Andre Bessette, feel free to give her a hand.

Republican candidate Charlie Baker kindly gave me a few minutes of his time at the tail end of his appearance at Forte’s Parts Connection in Framingham today. He talks about what is necessary to get small business’ going

He answered my “support the Republicans” question a lot better than a former Republican governor I once asked did. Also compared to me he is REALLY tall.

Update: An FYI No Bloggola was exchanged for this interview, silly me.