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This is the last field guide entry from CNMC and the penultimate interview from the cnmc that I will be posting. He is also the only person from CNMC that was already on my blogroll.

If Thomas Peters never wrote a word on a blog he would still be an impressive young man. I’d like to give his father a pat on the back. I pray my sons turn out half as good.

Any married man can write the one liners…

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…that this headline brings.

Sex Is A Human Right?

Actually who needs married men, the one liners write themselves.

The only nun in my interviews had an interesting take on the conference:

She would have liked to have seen more facebook and twitter. Her twitter account is saintsfortoday

It’s spooky to meet nuns clearly younger than me. I’m really not used to that.

If you want to make a list George W. Bush’s friend and allies in the media it likely doesn’t include Maureen Dowd, Eugene Robinson or Peter Beinart. Yet the three of them seeing their hero Barack Obama floundering over the Ground Zero Mosque and the democrats on the defensive over their support of it expect George W. Bush to save the day:

There’s a new argument emerging among supporters of the Ground Zero mosque. Distressed by President Obama’s waffling on the issue, they’re calling on former President George W. Bush to announce his support for the project, because in this case Bush understands better than Obama the connection between the war on terror and the larger question of America’s relationship with Islam.

President Obama has spent most of his term in office bashing George W Bush and blaming him for everything except the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby. The democratic strategy for 2010 has been blame Bush, now they are waiting for him to save them.

President Bush has politely refrained from critique of the current administration, I can’t see him bailing out these people who will not show any gratitude for it, even if he was so inclined. Does that mean that they will blame Bush for any political problem caused by Obama’s statements? Well DUH!

Memeorandum thread here.

Update: Corrected some spelling mistakes

Update 2: I absolutely love Doug Powers headline at Michelle Malkin’s site

Ground Zero Mosque Supporters Beg Greedy, Lying, Human Rights Violating War Criminal to Join Their Crusade

Update 3:
I could copy and paste these headlines all day:

To save Obama, Left cries out for … George W. Bush?