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Two more videos from last Sunday’s festival. The first is the procession about to enter the Church:

There was already a pretty packed church at this point.

The final video is of the closing song in Italian at the end of the Rosary and the litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It should not be forgotten that for all the food and pastry and music this is a religious devotion.

The funds raised that you see pinned to the banner were enough to seed us for next year’s festival. Hope to see you there.

Even if the Torrance Daily Breeze won’t cover Mattie Fein when she has events, they simply have to give her some copy for a commercial like this:

Regrettably I’ve discovered that there are some young people who may have never seen Young Frankenstein so for there sake here are the relevant clips. The Lab scene:

And of course Frau Bulcher and the horses

Who knew hitting Jane Harmon could be so much fun? If this doesn’t make Willie Geist’s way to early or Morning Joe Tomorrow it’s because they just aren’t paying attention.

Update SISU has the video but it reminds her that she is not amused

Update 2: Who needs the Torrance Daily Breeze when you have Robert Stacy McCain and a Memeorandum thread

Apparently the UK Guardian has been attacking Pam Geller and have been featuring a Bikini shot of her in the stories. Pam answers them in this post:

Knowledgeable conservative readers will get a charge out of the Guardian’s story, which is a mixture of pure fiction and dangerous lies, all devoted to the marginalization of those who dare to expose the liberal media propaganda machine.

The anti-Semitism was open: “Geller,” claimed Chris McGreal, the author of the piece, “writes for an Israeli media network based in the occupied territories that is the voice of the Jewish settler movement.”

I do? They just make stuff up. I don’t even know what they are talking about, but if Chris McGreal is in touch with this “Israeli media network,” he should let them know that I would love to write for them — please point the way!

Pam being Pam hits them head on answering them at her site and Big Journalism:

What’s the point of this stupid hit piece? And yes, it is worse than that. At the moment when I am identified more than anyone else with the fight against the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero, they’re trying to make me radioactive, so that no one will dare to stand with me.

Anyone who has met Pam would be proud to stand with her, she is a woman of ethics, courage who has acted when others have shown fear. Anyone who thinks she had a bigoted bone in her body is drinking and smoking something stronger then I do.

As for the constant use of Bikini photos, well other than trying to be included in Rule 5 Sunday their use of them at the Guardian confirms one thing.

While they strategic, historical and sociological visions are faulty, their basic eyesight is apparently excellent.

This president has no business experience…

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…but his cronies apparently can sink a bank with the best of em.:

Hmmm. Feds moved to shut down Obama crony bank ShoreBank today, but it’s not really going away

Now one more bank failing is not news, but doesn’t it strike you as odd that so many taxpayer bailed out companies are so anxious to do a favor to this particular bank that is shall we say “connected”?

You know if you are a business it’s nice to have a friendly reputation but it’s even nicer to have a reputation for success.