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and the second is to be able to write something like this:

… nothing says “closed-minded conservative bubble” like a right-wing racist sexist loon worrying about the murders of brown women. Mark Steyn

Don’t worry Mark the left will catch on as soon as Gays are discovered in Iran.

Long memories for the oppressed

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It is fortunate for the world that people like this exist:

I think that I would be too selfish and disloyal to my core values if I limited my magnanimity to my immediate family. You see, I treat all oppressed Cubans as my immediate relatives. When a political prisoner like Orlando Zapata Tamayo goes on a hunger strike and dies to protest the prison conditions, I grieve for him. When Tamayo’s mother tries to visit her son’s grave and is harassed by government-sponsored mobs, I get angry. When college students launch a march on the steps of the University of Havana to protest the state-sponsored apartheid system that is prevalent in Cuba and they are imprisoned, I realize that things will never change for the better as long as a Castro is in power. When I think back to the time when HIV+ gay and lesbian Cubans were forcibly quarantined until 1989 to treatment centers, I pray for the dawning of a more civil and tolerant society. When I see the courage displayed by political prisoners like Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet who has defied the Cuban authorities repeatedly and demanded the restoration of civil rights and liberties to his homeland, I thank God that there are still people left in this world who will stand up to oppression and are willing to die to bring back a Free Cuba. It makes me proud that we have our Frederick Douglas, our Martin Luther Kings, Jr., and our Malcolm X – but with a Cuban flavor.

We may ignore it, we may pretend that it isn’t happening but Cuba remains a prison camp for its population and will be as long as Castro and his cronies are in charge.

It’s important that stories like this aren’t burred amid the rest of the news.

One of the things that I’ve noticed in my time in the Amazon Vine program is the idea of the program is to generate buzz for a book that may nor may not sell otherwise.

When Sarah Palin’s book was due out, it was not available in the vine program, Michelle Malkin’s books don’t show up there, nor Glenn Beck or even Ann Coulter’s, the more established the personality and/or author the less the chances their book will be available via Vine.

Yesterday I got my Amazon vine e-mail. I didn’t have a chance to check it out when it first came since my son came home from the hospital that night, but when I did see it I noticed that Keith Olberman’s new book Pitchforks and Torches: The Worst of the Worst, from Beck, Bill, and Bush to Palin and Other Posturing Republicans due out in two months was on it.

Olberman is MSNBC’s headliner, he is on during their 8 p.m. hour. He is one of the loudest voices of the left with the megaphone of a nightly TV show 5 days a week. Yet his book as of this moment is ranked #56,905 in Books a mere places behind The Road to Serfdom Volume 2 of the Collected works of F. A. Hayek

but lets not be unfair here, it is #33 in Books > Nonfiction > Politics > Political Parties lets see what is ahead of it at this hour:

At #30 Conservative comebacks to liberal lies by Gregg Jackson who I have never heard of. It was released a month ago.

At #28 Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions by Michael Savage released (April 12, 2005) .

At #7 Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda: Paperback edition by Sean Hannity (March 30, 2010)

At #1 & #2 Sits Give us Liberty, a Tea Party Manifesto by Dick Armey that came out Tuesday. The Hardcover is #2 and the Kindle edition is number two, but since it just came out lets finish with an older book

Mark Levin’s Liberty & Tyranny sits at #4 (Hardcover), #5 (Paperback) and #26 (Audiobook) This book came out in MARCH of 2009

None of these books were available to me on vine.

Even funnier is that unless you go down to that 4th level He doesn’t even show up, go up one level to Politics instead of political parties and Hayek is #3 & 53, Laura Ingram is #6 & 29, The Federalist papers are #13, Tea Party Manifesto is #14 & 50, Glenn Beck has books at #21 & 96, Malkin is at #22, mark Levin is at #96 and Pam Geller’s new book is #75, it was NOT available on Vine.

Pam is a spectacular woman and an American treasure, but she is nowhere near as well known as Olberman, yet his book is on Vine and her’s is not. Her book is at #2,516 a mere 54,299 spots ahead of Olby.

Maybe MSNBC should consider hiring Pam instead.


As has been reported the last combat troops left Iraq this week. Garrison troops remain and will likely continue to remain for years.

It is fact that George Bush pushed the surge that made victory possible, and that then Senator Obama along with most of the media and intelligentsia opposed it bitterly.

It is also a fact that despite this after assuming office the president continued the policy that allowed this withdrawal to take place in victory rather than in defeat.

With his base angry with him it would have been so easy to demagogue Iraq to appease them with a midterm coming up, he choose not to do so.

Yes it is a bit disconcerting to hear they take credit for what they opposed and watch the media praise them for it, but its a lot better than listening to them describe defeat.

Eyes on the prize, the goal was victory in Iraq, if the price of that is watching people I disagree with do a little victory dance, who cares?

The win in Iraq is good news, the country should be happy and the president can and should take a respectful bow, not only on behalf of himself but of the nation that fought and paid for that victory.

Good show!