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I was speaking to a police officer a bit ago and he said something that frankly never occurred to me. When dealing with accused criminals and the like police officers remember that their convictions only reflect what they have been “caught” doing.

This is in fact what has happened with the media. It’s not that the media hasn’t played us for their own purposes in the past, it’s that now we know about it.

A mantra of the left is that in the 60’s our naivete concerning government was lifted from us, the truth is that naivete about the media is what the internet and the web and blogs has been destroyed forever.

How we use this knowledge is up to us. Hopefully we will use this perception better than the left perception did.

Update: I can’t help but visualizing the AP head editor asking the question: “Can we call it a Tallywacker?

My last video from CNMC was taken just as I had to run off with Lisa Henley who gave me a sec just before the Cardinal speak.

Unless my fortunes change a bit I will unlikely be able to make it next year, but I’m very happy to have been able to manage this one.

Update: Got her name wrong, corrected it

Is that not too long ago, this would have happened behind the scenes and we would never know about it.

How many times has AP & Reuters decided to “manage” the news in such a way to steer a story without our knowledge?

If you never understood why the internet is so important, and so HATED by those in power or who want power, this is exactly why.

BTW AP if your guidelines are the lead story on memeorandum, you are doing something wrong

Update: Doug Powers wants suggestions.

Update 2: Orwellian yes, also likely business as usual.

My KFC expert

Posted: August 19, 2010 by datechguy in oddities

who worked for the franchise a short time ago believes that if this product was real it would sell like mad.