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and I’ve made it clear that I preferred J. D. to John McCain, but isn’t it a contradiction to drop the republican nominee in Arizona for the libertarian, while rightfully screaming bloody murder over Murkowski in Alaska?

I want that senate to be a Republican one. If the people of Arizona were not as wise as the folks in Alaska it doesn’t mean we should take such a risk when we need every possible seat in the senate for a shot at changing the leadership.

The NRCC is being foolish if they are playing games with the results in Alaska and the grass roots are right to withholding funds from such idiots if they are spending their dough to contest a finished primary rather than in places like Ma-03 or ma-03 or Ca-36 where the cash would be a godsend, but that doesn’t mean we should do anything to risk an admittedly imperfect senate seat when we can’t spare a single one.

And do you really want to give the NRCC an excuse to spend more on Arizona when we have races we are in a real position to win that can use the dough?

I talked to Mary Connaughton who attended Monday’s Charlie Baker event

When she told me that there had never been an auditor in the office of auditor I was thunderstruck.

Is a story a story if everyone already knows it?

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The Ken Mehlman “coming out” story raises an interesting question about when a person is considered gay.

Mehlman was “outed” several years ago, and the reaction of people was pretty much the type of reaction that I would get if I told people I was fat. A total lack of surprise.

Since this was apparently something everyone knows it leads to the following questions about sexuality:

1. Is a person only considered a homosexual if they acknowledge it?

2. If a person comes out, is that considered forever, for example if a person announces later they they are in fact straight are they considered straight?

While these are interesting philosophical and or sociological questions, this doesn’t explain why the Mehlman story is so big? Of course it’s a great excuse to not report Tea Party/Sarah Palin wins Tuesday, but if we have to have the real answer Stacy McCain provides that for us.

There is nothing new under the sun, you see. There were gay people working for Republicans in 1967 and there are gay people working for Republicans today. What has changed is that gay-rights activists have turned sexuality into an identity-politics racket, so that any gay person who doesn’t share their agenda is made to feel inauthentic, a traitor to The Cause. And, as Marc Ambinder explains in his report at The Atlantic, this is now being used as a “wedge issue” by the Left

It is the attempt peel away conservatives that is the goal here and if this story can help the cause then it will be promoted by the media.

So as long as this is the case it will remain on top of memeorandum

Update: Via Glenn Ann Althouse nails it. It is all about becoming relevant , watch the MSM start using him as a goto guy when talking about republicans in the future.

A Sarah Palin question for the readers…

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On MSNBC you are actually getting people talking about the power of Sarah Palin. On Morning Joe, on Chris Matthews people are acknowledging her power in the GOP and her ability to get the nomination if she wants it.

The question is. Are they simply acknowledging facts or are they promoting her in the hopes that she can be beat by Obama?

In fact lets have a poll