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In 1864 the incorruptible but unqualified general Nathanael P. Banks led his army up the Red river to what would become an inglorious (or glorious depending on what side you were on) flogging by forces under Richard Taylor.

One of the things that complicated his retreat was that the annual rise of the Red River didn’t materialize. Banks was unlucky in that he hadn’t realized that in 1855 and 1846 (every 9 years) the river failed to rise. Now Banks had no idea about said cycle so perhaps he can be excused for this mistake, but whatever his deficiencies as a general his experience as both Governor of Massachusetts and Speaker of the House of Representatives provided him with the sense to listen to Major Joseph Bailey a person with practical experience in dams, but no formal education. Bailey was not only able to save the fleet by his exertions but provide a dry-shod crossing at a second point in the retreat saving the army.

What does this have to do with the economy? Just this: An economy like the Red River had a regular cycle and during those cycles you can usually tinker a bit without a lot of issue, but the best solution is to wait things out and let the business cycle take it course.

Once in a while however the cycle is extreme, just like the 9 year cycle of the Red. During those times it is very hard to convince people to wait it out. Particularly if previous tinkering have made things worse. When this happens you need people with actual practical, rather than theoretical experience to make a difference.

Right now we are in an extreme business cycle. Like any cycle the best move is to hunker down, not panic, and wait for the cycle to finish.

The problem if you are a political animal is that there is no credit to be had for the business cycle, and when times are bad the people demand action. The trick it to attempt to tweak the cycle so that you are able to take credit when the cycle is in your favor and divert blame to your foes when the cycle is against them.

Now president Obama is not a man with practical business experience. He is surrounded by and has emerged himself with people who’s experience is not in the business cycle, the creation of jobs or the stimulation of an economy and frankly his goals and priorities are in the direction of government control not the free market.

If president Obama had a Joseph Bailey to advise him, he could make tweaks to actually stimulate businesses to hire. He would decrease regulation, drop taxes and make transactions for small business and manufacturers more fluid.

But president Obama decided instead that his statist agenda was the way to go and convinced democrats that his tinkering with the business cycle and allocation of stimulus money would mean a better economy come election day, just in time to keep them in office, and they believed it, the more fool them.

Will the president change course after the election? I don’t think think so, he doesn’t have a Joe Bailey and he wouldn’t listen to one if he had. The republican party will have to do it for him, if they are willing that is.


It’s just the thing for the person who wants to pick and choose what they want to believe or what they want to consider sin but that’s not all:

Coming soon is WikiApostolic, WikiScripture, and WikiChurchFathers. Why stop at the Catechism? Create a whole universe that firmly agrees with your theological world view now. You have a lot to learn from yourself so sign on and get going with WikiCatechism now!

This is absolutely perfect for the person who loves being Catholic but doesn’t want to deal with the inconvenient belief system with all those absolutes that go along with it.

to make them accountable to the people?

Conservative activists are trying to oust three judges on the state Supreme Court whose unanimous ruling last year legalized same-sex unions. Their decision stunned opponents nationwide and delighted advocates who were eager for a victory in the heartland.

Why are supporters of Gay Marriage worried about this? It’s explained after the jump:

Gay rights groups have been less successful in the voting booth; in every state where the issue has been put on the ballot, voters have agreed to define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. emphasis mine

One can legitimately disagree on having elected vs appointed judges, both systems have advantages and disadvantages, but to get all in a huff because an elected official is being held accountable for actions in an elected office is just nonsense and highlights the disrespect and disdain the elites have with the voters in general and apparently our republican system in particular

Memeorandum thread here

In this post concerning the tea parties and the GOP:

Here is the point, and I think this generalizes beyond NY-23 to the rest of the country: the GOP won’t take the Tea Party seriously until the Tea Party is the GOP.

One questions why the GOP establishment would be so willing to throw away a group of involved voters who match their beliefs. The answer may in fact be that their belief in fiscal conservatism and restraint is phony, that their belief is in their own power and a promise not to blow as much as the other side.

Actual spending cuts and spending restraint and tax reform decreases the power of the federal government. The goal of the establishment is apparently not to restrict such power, but to enjoy it.

The GOP doesn’t seem to understand that they are playing with fire. The tea party is going to give them two years to prove their bonafides. If they don’t you will see an actual tea party 3rd party.

I think Rush understands this which is why he constantly implores the GOP to take the conservative path.

What can we do about it? Smitty has the solution:

Get off the beanbag and support your local version of Doug Hoffman, or your sins of omission will result in a pocket-picking, and you’ll be at fault.emphasis mine

I think Bill Gunn put it very well in this interview last week jump to 3:34:

Money Quote: “If a republican is a big government republican I’m not going to campaign for him.

That is the tea party all over. The question is will republicans figure it out and act accordingly or will they destroy themselves and throw away the chance to create a lasting majority?

We will see.

BTW apparently great minds think alike, Sissy Willis put up a post making the very same argument.

Unfortunately for the Johnny Roccos of the GOP, the old way of doing business isn’t working anymore. It happened in the Massachusetts special election that sent Mr. Brown to Washington, and it’s happening again. The national GOP is being disintermediated via the Internet. No wonder they’re upset. The people’s choice, Joe Miller — endorsed by Sarah Palin and with major funding from the Tea Party Express — is battle ready

The question becomes, is the GOP establishment willing to destroy the party to keep it? So far the answer hasn’t been encoraging