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with Glenn Reynolds, more Bikini scandals with photos included please, but only if they look like Marcela Hoeven.

An exchange between me and my wife today:

Posted: August 5, 2010 by datechguy in personal

Da Wife: You used to complain about that kind of stuff.

DaTechGuy: Well I’ve Growning older, becoming more mature & Getting Closer to Death.

DaWife: Well two out of three ain’t bad.

Finally a proper button for DaTipJar

Posted: August 5, 2010 by datechguy in blogger for hire

With the redesign I figured I’d fiddle with DaTipJar. Under the old setup I couldn’t get the old button to work, with the new setup it seems to be working but I haven’t tested it from outside my pc.

So tonight at game night I’ll try it from a friend’s computer, but if you want to give a hand to a blogger & wife who are both looking for work feel free to hit the Da Button to Da Left.

Of course if you want to hire someone to write a column or a daily blog for your site or organization, or if you are looking for a conservative blogger to ballence your site/show (cough! Morning Joe cough!) you won’t find a better time to make a deal.

Update: Thanks to the guys who kicked in after the update today. I should have improved DaTipJar BEFORE the fundraiser.

Jay Nordlinger’s new column starts with this phrase:

I know that “Journolist” has been mightily picked over — and picked on …

Ah Jay it all depends on the audiance. If you get your information from the main stream media, the mainstream TV networks and cable networks (excluding Fox) not only has Journolist not been “picked over” it has barely been touched.

Ironically Nordlinger touches on that very thing with his first remark:

Bob Novak used to say, ‘That’s the line” — he said it with dismissive contempt. Someone else, usually on the left, would make some excuse or give some talking point, and Novak’d say, “That’s the line.” I can just hear him.

And reminds us of a line that we heard often during the election:

Some people thought that the Left would calm down, with the election of Barack Obama as president. They are now in charge. It should be okay to fight, or at least appreciate, the War on Terror (as we used to call it). (Obama and his people prefer “overseas contingency operations.”) But the Left seems as hepped up as ever.

Why? Not because they were against George Bush, (they were) but because they were and always have been (as Glenn Reynolds has always said) on the other side.

And make sure you look at all the Instapundit links there. The left may want to forget them but I sure not going to.