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It’s unfair. Hoover had a lifetime of real achievement before he stunk up the White House.

Cue 1812 for NoOneOfAnyImport

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One of the most misnamed blogs on the Internet

So welcome to my blogroll. That and a dollar will buy you a Whopper Jr. Or ownership of Newsweek.

Carlos’ blog is the Catechist Corner. One guess what it is about

I’m actually surprised how many young people search for this stuff online, it gives me hope for the future

This useless:

a whopping 96 House and Senate Democrats are currently unopposed, State House News Service reported. In addition to the one-sided legislative races, Republicans have mounted no challenges to seven incumbent Democratic sheriffs while all but two of the 11 district attorney posts are assured to remain with the Democrats.

What is the problem? Robert Hedlund (R-Weymouth) Nails it:

Hedlund said he fears the GOP is focusing too highly on “top of the ticket” offices, such as the races for governor and treasurer, both of which boast strong Republican contenders.

“I’ve been telling people the dynamics are similar to what they were in 1990 and people are especially upset with Democratic incumbents,” Hedlund said. “What frustrates me is the lack of focusing on building from the ground up.“

If it wasn’t for the tea parties in places like Worcester county where would the republicans be? In our neck of the woods we are contesting all kinds of races.

This state is dying for different leadership, the national party and the state party have a lot to answer for.