Planned Parenthood, stimulating the underground economy

Posted: February 2, 2010 by datechguy in local stuff, opinion/news
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A long time ago Fitchburg was a manufacturing hub. The Italian and French communities here came for the jobs in the mills and the factories.

Today not so much is made in Fitchburg anymore (Although the Hersey Custom Shoe Company does make shoes here) however we have become a hub for two things in the area…drugs and the social services that the drug trade brings.

People don’t like to talk about this. It has happened pretty fast 1 to 1 1/2 generations. It makes it pretty hard to attract business when you have these social problems on your plate.

Which brings us to Planned Parenthood…

…maybe it’s because I’m just too sheltered but when I mentioned it casually to someone he talked about what he seen in Worcester for years.

In his experience the birth control pills and condoms distributed do not solely end up in the hands of the people who get them. They get re-sold. There are plenty of kids who don’t want to be seen going into Planned Parenthood, those kids will pay a premium for what Planned Parenthood offers.

The person who gets this stuff is going to make some good money, that can be spent on everything from shoes to drugs. She also gains status among her peers. She become the “cool” kid.

I have to confess I felt like an idiot when I was told this story. It never occurred to me, that’s embarrassing. He wasn’t surprised: “The obvious never occurs to people.”

What will be end result be? Another layer made between kids and their parents. If you think that the teenage girl who gets her pills from PP might not take them as given, how much less will the teenage girl who gets her pills from another teenage girl or from her boyfriend buying them from another teen.

And remember it’s not like someone stealing your prescription that you might notice. This will all be done under the cloak of anonymity to protect your child from your opprobrium.

There are some on the city counsel who argue that we should welcome any business that comes to Fitchburg and contributes to our economy. They just might not be aware that the economy they stimulate is an underground one.

  1. Adrienne says:

    Ugh! The thought of all those young girls putting dangerous chemicals in their bodies. Birth control pills are the worse thing that ever happened to women…

  2. saynsumthn says:

    For more on Planned Parenthood watch the film: Maafa21 – it gets into their eugenic past and explains why they set up shop in minority neighborhoods. Check it out:

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  4. Christine says:

    I think the truly horrible part of all of this is that getting birth control is still so stigmatized that girls feel the need to go underground about it. Young women especially those of limited means (Planned Parenthood’s target group) who are responsible enough to realize that they are not ready to have children are so afraid of what others will think of their GOOD decision that they are missing out on the instruction that Planned Parenthood could provide them. I think of those poor girls who will make the trek past ignorant protesters verbally abusing them for being responsible with their own bodies and I feel sad inside. It’s not unsurprising that they would rather keep quiet about it and get their pills from another teen who won’t judge them for being human.

  5. Christine says:

    Oh, I’m not trying to suggest that Fitchburg’s main street is the right place for Planned Parenthood. I think they’d be better off where protesters will be kept out of the way, a side street somewhere maybe. It’s true that Main Street would be better served by businesses that bring in customers than by a social service facility. The problem I see is that no matter where they open up, people are going to rage against them. I took this article not as yet another “NOT IN MY CITY” argument and more as something about the pill sharing problem it is titled as.

    There’s no age limit to the people Planned Parenthood helps. Yes, many of them are young people, but it’s not like you hit 18 and Planned Parenthood kicks you out on your bum and tells you to take care of yourself like some parents might do should their little darling become pregnant. Some young people (and not just VERY young people) just need a more supportive place to go for help in situations that are already frightening enough for them. Having a constant mob of protesters assaulting frightened women of any age in a bad situation should result in lots of people being ashamed of themselves, and I don’t mean the women using the services.

    I truly don’t think it’s a racist thing. They help people of limited means in lower income communities regardless of the race breakdown of those communities. Many of the older people they help go to them instead of to their doctors because of lack of health insurance. I think that anything that helps people who might have trouble finding help elsewhere because of financial means should be congratulated. If getting birth control and condoms without health insurance and at a very discounted price (a HUGE part of Planned Parenthood’s services rendered) helps to prevent parents of any age from having children without health insurance, I’m all for it.

    The younger people who go to them do so mostly out of fear of their parents. This is a problem. Yes, some parents revel in that fear their children have of them, but they shouldn’t. See, fear isn’t enough to change peer pressure. Peer pressure will always win out eventually. All fear does is make them go into the situation less informed than they should be. Yes, maybe “wait til you’re married” is the MOST responsible choice but not all married people are ready for children and few people choose the most responsible course. It only takes one mistake to ruin a girl’s life and I think the more information they have to help prevent that, the better.

    Young people with responsible caring parents who they respect (not fear) aren’t suddenly going to change because there’s a Planned Parenthood clinic newly opened. That’s just not how it works. Teenagers who feel safe and comfortable with their parents will talk to them about sex and responsible decision making. Teenagers who feel that their parents would stigmatize them for asking questions will not speak to their parents about such things. And by teenagers, I don’t only mean little 13 year olds like many of the more vocal protesters seem to think are the only ones using the services but rather all young people who still rely on their parents for guidance. I still haven’t stopped asking one of my parents for advice (the other has proven to be less than reliable) when I need it and I’m in my late 20s. To all you good parents out there, Planned Parenthood isn’t trying to steal your children away from you. The services they provide likely aren’t for your children. Your children will come to you to talk about these things. And if your children feel you’re not a safe well of information on topics that will shape their lives, it’s not because of Planned Parenthood. It’s because you messed up. You said something that made them think you’d love them less if they so much as asked about safe sex so they are going to hide it from you. It won’t stop them from doing it, because they are very busy becoming their own people instead of little yous, but they won’t know everything they should. Congratulations, your child is less prepared for the world now.