I heard from Eric Erickson from RedState concerning CPAC credentials

Posted: February 11, 2010 by datechguy in employment, internet/free speech, personal
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…telling me I would be hearing from him this morning concerning CPAC blogger credentials.

That however is quickly becoming a moot point. I am $800 shy with now 4 days to go and the only reason why I’m that close is that a guest room has been offered to me.

In the last 7 days the “CPAC” fund has been as successful as Eric Idle’s attempts at Camel spotting.

When Robert Stacy stayed here my wife referred to it as “my summer camp”, there was a fair amount of work that it entailed and a lot less sleep than I’m used to, but it was an awful lot of fun.

Covering CPAC would be very interesting, I would enjoy it very much. I’ve never been to DC, I”m sure there is a lot to learn there both inside and outside of the conference, but in real terms to my family it represents a “vacation” that I would be taking without them. A vacation where my regular responsibilities would be taken up by them and where I would not be contributing to the costs of the house.

One of the real pains in the neck at the Brown party was my laptop. Forgetting the keyboard etc, with a dead battery whenever my power supply is the least bit jostled my system died, and it died a LOT that night. During the day here I leave my laptop on a table and at least 4 times a day it just powers down in the middle of typing and I reboot. (It crashed during the writing of this as well).

Since Windows 7 came out I’ve been wanting a new machine, particularly since if you don’t play with a new operating system you fall behind. The bottom of the line laptop offered by Walmart this week is $400. I haven’t purchased it since $400 is more than I can afford for anything right now and has been the case for a while. That’s why broken game systems remain unreplaced minor car issues are ignored and various house repairs & etc do not get done. It’s why the TV’s in this house are not HD or flat screen and why we invest in shovels instead of a replacement snow blower, it’s why the newest car in the driveway is a 2000, it’s why the AC, CD and rear window defroster on my car all stay broke and why instead of fixing the side loading dryer a baseball bat a piece of wood and a towel hold the door shut when a load is being dried.

It’s also why we have never carried over a credit card balance EVER, it’s why we have never had a check bounce, it’s why we have made our bills every month every time in 21 years of marriage. It’s why we could send our kids to local Catholic grammar schools and my oldest to the local Catholic high school.

I generally don’t go on about this stuff. I have it easier than my parents did, I was able to take my wife on a cruse to Bermuda two years ago. (my parents never went on a vacation till their 40th year of marriage and my father died soon afterward), my family is warm and fed and we have a roof over our heads.

But I’m facing d-day in just over a quarter, My wife’s car repair is going to be equal to her paycheck for the next two weeks, although my son’s grades have improved I haven’t taken him for his learners permit because the mandatory driving lessons required by Massachusetts are hundreds of dollars that I just don’t have. Every cent of my reserves are being saved for this years taxes, in case of emergency and/or if a job doesn’t materialize before the first week in June when unemployment runs out.

When Robert Stacy was here he suggested I go to CPAC, I pooh poohed it. He maintained that it could be done. The goal was set at $1600. To this date I have $300 in checks, (uncashed) $143.23 sent via paypall. I’m counting the guest room offered as $356.77. As of today the cheapest package at Priceline for a 1 star hotel with rented car and flight is $530 ($100 more than last week) If I go with just the flight, it is about $200 to get to Baltimore and I’d take the train from there. CPAC itself is $175 for the three day pass and I’d take the metro to and from each day. Assuming my local Walmart isn’t out the cheapest replacement laptop is $412 before tax. If not then we are talking $500. Since I report every cent that comes in 15% is put aside for taxes right off.

I don’t know if the price of the flight will go up the closer I get to the day but with one car in the dock and my own vehicle 11 years old I’m not inclined to risk it on two 8 hour trips.

So bottom line is this: Regardless of Stacy’s opinion or any credentials offered without that $800 I’m short I can’t even think of going anywhere. I can’t justify such an expense when I’m asking my family not to spend.

Now I know everyone reading this has their own bills, their own expenses and their own jobs. Your belts have been tightened over the last 18 months. Every dollar in your pocket represents an amount of labor that you had to do to earn it. I have no claim to any penny that any one of you have earned.

All that being said if you think that my reporting from CPAC will increase the value of your understanding of the conference, then I ask and invite you to click on the “CPAC/I’ll do it myself Tucker” fund link and give what you can afford to get me to the goal. If I reach the goal I’ll book the flight, pick up the machine and start packing and get ready to leave right after Tuesday’s city counsel meeting.

If not that’s OK too. There is plenty of blogging to do here and I’ll do my best to keep it interesting.

To those who have already kicked in, thank you very much.

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  2. Tim K. says:

    I feel for ya…….But I can’t find work either.

  3. Erich says:

    Think of it as a win-win: If you get the money, you go to CPAC, if not, you get to prove RSM wrong!

  4. I’m getting there Friday night and will only be at CPAC Saturday. If you only attend the one day, that takes $125 off your tab. I know, not the same as being there for the whole three days, but I figure it’s better than nothing.