The one event I didn’t want to miss was Pam’s

Posted: February 20, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, special events, war
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Jihad event and sure enough by an odd turn of events I ended up getting in the door 30 minutes late.

After seeing it I’m convinced my original thought was correct. This is the single most important issue facing this nation and if it is ignored we will suffer for it and deservedly so. I can’t say enough about the courage and dedication of Ms. Geller. She is an international treasure!

I includes some clips and photos here:

And some short clips:

  1. Thank you, datechguy..Robrt, Pamela, Allen, Simon, Wafa….

    The marxist-progressive left and the theo-political jihad war machine will unite to destroy us. We cannot stand by mute, nor ignorant. If we do not characterize our enemy today, he will conquer us tomorrow. Islam wants sharia to reign. Sharia condemns liberty and forbids equality, it will dissolve national boundaries until there is only one nation under islam, the ummah. People who love freedom, but are unwilling to defend it will take us down a dark path of complicity and suicide.

    Love of money and fear of danger brings unsavory political ties, blind media and spineless ‘leadership.’ Awaken great nation of Americans! Brits, Aussies! Awaken! We are worth defending.

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