CPAC short interviews: Katherine Jenerette

Posted: February 23, 2010 by datechguy in elections, opinion/news, special events
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As I said I have an awful lot of video yet to go up. Meet Katherine Jenerette.

The real story here isn’t so much the interview, the story was listening to her talk to the person next to me afterwords just about family, life and kids. This isn’t just a good candidate, this is a good person. Any neighborhood she and her family moves into automatically has it’s value increase, because she is exactly the type of people you want living next to you.

I’ve saw an awful lot of that at CPAC, just plain NICE people.

I should also point out that she is running in the 1st District in South Carolina. What a lucky district to have such an excellent choice among the field.

  1. McKay says:

    Ms. Jenerette has my vote.

  2. 1st District voter says:

    I think we can all agree she is what she is, a good looking, small community college instructor. Trust me, we have much more experienced and qualified candidates in this race that don’t have the Jenerette’s well known criminal, personal and financial problems.

  3. Dear DaTech: I know Katherine Jenerette and her husband, Van, very well. They are friends of the first order. Katherine’s personal history as a soldier, a wife, a mother, and, yes, an American heroine, is exemplary. Her husband, Van, is a retired Army Major who, in 2002, was named to the Ft. Benning OCS Hall of Fame. Yes, he’s my friend, but he’s my friend because he is a superb guy. Of course, let’s remember we’re talking about South Carolina politics, one with a history of racism, segregation, and vile mudslinging. Katherine is not in any way a part of that unfortunate history; she’s a soldier; she’s someone who judges people not on gender, race, or ethnicity, but on merit. There’s an old Jewish saying that goes this way, “A virtuous man (or woman) will in a lifetime make many enemies.” The Katherine Jenerette datech met at CPAC is the one I know — and the only one that exists. One particular politician in the 1st District (who shall not remain nameless for long) has treated the Jenerettes with extreme malice. He shall learn in God’s own good time learn the meaning of another saying, “Sin in haste, repent at leisure.” The best thing that could happen to SC — and to America — would be for Katherine Jenerette to be elected to Congress. Unlike some of her opponents, she has not sold out to special interests bearing bags of cash and a long wish list. Katherine is a warrior, and cowards like 1st district above fear her. They should. (Anyone who would like more information about Katherine should contact me at Thanks for the opportunity to talk about a remarkable American woman. — Steve Maloney, Ambridge, PA.

  4. 1st District voter says:

    Criminal and Financial:

    I keep my privacy because I fear Van not Katherine. I have cute young daughters I need to protect.

    You’re welcome.

  5. Greg Walton says:

    Strange. Financial ‘problems’ can befall us all, and a family with four children of school age with mom (Katherine) called to duty as Army Reserve officer in 2007 (when most of the complaints were filed) would probably have a lot more than Katherine and Vandon had from the link you provided – some cases were dismissed, some were renegotiated or are in process of being mediated and negotiated.

    Few people, even with better finances and circumstances, haven’t had any ‘financial problems’ and from the mediations I found at the link that weren’t dismissed, not one shows financial irresponsibility.

    And ‘personal problems’ and ‘criminal problems’ (in reality, ‘political problems’ aimed at Katherine) that, ‘strangely’ started around the same time, come from a charge by his adopted daughter from long dissolved first marriage (1992, according to the link you provided) who is a felon and running the vicious blog you provided the link to?

    Doesn’t this remind everyone of Duke Lacrosse team accuser trying to sell the book and of disgraced DA Mike Nifong using that case in time for elections? When it all fell apart Nifong was forced to step down, and the accuser has been recently arrested for arson and murder?

    If you have ‘cute young daughters’ you don’t ‘need to protect’ them from Van, you need to worry about them not becoming like the woman who was Duke Lacrosse accuser or like the woman is Van’s accuser and who writes that vicious blog. Or you will find a lot of ‘criminal, personal and financial problems’ in your own life many years from now.

    See discussion on the same subject

    and there are other links to more information about the accuser

  6. Mike N says:

    “The 2007 charges arose out of allegations made on October 25, 2007 by the 41-year old accuser that she had been the victim of an assault in 1972 while on a family vacation in South Carolina when she was six-years old.

    “The next day October 26, 2007 the accuser was quoted in a newspaper interview with the Myrtle Beach Sun News stating that she could not sit back and let Katherine Jenerette sit in a political arena.”

    “The incident had never been reported to authorities previously during the 35-years interval between 1972 and 2007.”

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  8. Lynda says:

    I will vote for Katherine and encourage others to do the same. Katherine is intelligent, passionate for community, state, and country. She is Pro Life, pro 2nd amendment, conservative on social and fiscal issues. The 1st District would be blessed to have a “fighter” like Katherine representing their interests in Washington. I know without a doubt that Katherine will make a difference for the whole country with her representation of SC. Katherine is a GREAT CANDIDATE and I am proud to say she is my friend. Datech said,” you would like to have her as your neighbor.” and that is a true statement. Katherine Jenerette should be South Carolina’s Congresswoman from the 1st District.

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