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Barbara Espinosa treated me like a king at CPAC and this video doesn’t do me justice.

She is right on top of the senate race in Arizona, if you want to see see some serious coverage of what is going on, make sure you check out American Freedom regularly.

Acer Aspire AS-5532 Laptop: Amazon Review

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Acer Aspire 5532

My review of the Acer Aspire AS-5532 Laptop that my readers were kind enough to purchase for me is available at here.

To say that I am indebted to you all is a gross understatement. Sicilians never forget a favor.

The Great Sex/Porn debate

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It started on National Review continued at Pajamas media, and now keeps up at Little Miss Attila:

Just “keep him fed,” and “give him sex.” Keep him fed? And give him sex on his own schedule? I like doing both of those things for my husband as much as the next girl, but most people have three meals a day, and at least one snack, plus that daily/weekly/monthly sex session . . . how many hours a day do these people recommend a woman devote to keeping her man, in addition to whatever she does to earn a living? That ain’t libertarianism—it’s slavery.

Bottom line here? Fun or not fun, in the end Porn is well sin. And as a rule sin should be avoided whenever possible. As far as sex in marriage, it’s actually a lot easier than outside of marriage since you only have to figure out one other person but like anything else it takes work and anything worthwhile usually takes work.

Update: Via Glenn Althouse takes a swing. It’s my experience that if you give a man an excuse ninety nine times of one hunderd he will take it.

Where are the “I’m a mac vs PC” ads?

Posted: April 3, 2010 by datechguy in tech
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Speaking of Windows 7 have you noticed something missing from your TV screens?

That’s right the I’m a mac, I’m a PC ads have virtually disappeared. I haven’t seen one since the first week of windows seven, the “trust me” ad.

It has been half a year and windows 7 has apparently been exactly what Microsoft claimed it would be, a solid operating system on a good computer that can be purchased for almost $1,000 less than a comparable Mac.

This seems to have been lost in all the Ipad, Iphone business lately, but it is VERY significant.

Is this Microsoft’s Domino’s Pizza moment? If so I would highly recommend keeping that extra grand in your pocket and get the Windows 7 machine instead of that Mac.