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Cunning Plan alert…

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Sometime this week I will reveal my next cunning plan to keep the wolf away from the door in June.

A hint, it involves, eating, drinking and short interviews.

…do you think the White House/MSM will decide it is newsworthy? If you look at Memeorandum I’d have to say yes.

Now As you should know I like Morning Joe, I like Joe, Mika et/al although at times they drive me nuts. One question:

“Wouldn’t it have been good to be in front of this today and beaten Rush to the punch?” Don’t you think it would have been better for him to have to follow you guys rather than lead you?

Instead you were beaten by me, Instapundit, Yid with Lid, Powerline, Dan Riehl, Robert Stacy, Captain Ed, Bill Jacobson,

The apology would have been a Morning Joe story instead of a Ben Smith story.

Hey the man in the Fedora is just trying to help you out here.

I’ve got a lunch meeting today…

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…so while I’m gone go read this post by Meryl Yourish that gives an important history lesson.

Hat tip to Captain Ed who referenced it on another topic.

Today Morning Joe gave a platform from somebody from Telemundo hitting Arizona’s new immigration law.

I’m not familiar enough with the law yet to make an intelligent opinion yet, but something he said stuck me.

He hit the law for making it illegal for illegal aliens or as he put it “undocumented immigrants” to get a job. He acted as if this was some great shock.

It would have been nice if someone on the Morning Joe set pointed out that it is already illegal for an employer to hire an illegal alien. Not penalizing the person soliciting the illegal act is the same as arresting the prostitute while making the John no subject to arrest, or the dealer is liable but the druggie is not.

No sign of the Insult story either, ironic since the only reason this show exists is due to “Nappy Headed Hos