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More Tea Party Pictures

Posted: April 14, 2010 by datechguy in special events
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This is farther along in the day after the crowds got there, there are posted for now, without comment:

Uploads are incredibly slow so I’ll add the others later.

Good news: got there really early so had a spot up front.

Bad news: where to charge the computer.

Good news: Filmed interviews with many people including an excellent one with Kim Halkett of Al Jazeera and Yushin Sugita of Kyodo News Japan.

Bad News: Had a card error and lost both interviews, I was able to find Yushin to re-film it but never found Kim, its a real shame as she was really cool and had great things to say about where she was now working (btw it’s ).

Good news: A lady sitting behind me was a big Doctor Who fan and I was able to let her know about the big finish stuff.

Bad News: she wouldn’t go on camera.

Good news: Witnessed the police and the fellow who egged the bus. The Tea Party people, classy folks that they are choose to let the college kid off as he apologized profusely.

Bad News: Didn’t get it on film or wasn’t able to interview him as he took off in a hurry all shaken up. The police said he was very lucky, if the egg had hit on of them all bets would have been off.

Good news: Interview with Michael Graham

Bad News: Didn’t get a chance to interview his mother.

Good news: Saw Roxeanne two days straight!

Bad News: Lost her in the crowd over and over.

Good News: They let me on the Tea Party Express and I’m on the bus to Washington as I type this.

Bad News: I have only my laptop the clothes on my bad and the fedora on my head, and the wife is not happy and uploads are very iffy here.

Good news: I have been able to upload some pictures

Bad News: No chance at all on the videos so far. Including the Palin videos.

At about 6 a.m. or so Theresa Stone and her daughter got on the Alewife train heading toward Boston. She works hard a convenience store in Marlborough while her daughter works at the local Home depot. She and he vr husband a 15 yet vet discharged medically had raised their girl to pay for what they had before getting things. Their daughter had taken that advice to heart. She is half way to her degree but until she can earn the money to go back to school it would have to wait.

Theresa was long bothered by the direction the country was heading in. The idea that a sense of entitlement was growing disturbed her a system that “rewards indolence”. Her daughter’s friends suggested that if she had a kid outside of wedlock she would be able to get all the college aid and help she needed. It disgusted her as she put it “My generation gives me a bad name.” They felt they had to work twice as hard to support others.

When Scott Brown began his candidacy she was interested. When he won she was thrilled and happy. It was the first acknowledgment that she wasn’t alone. In college her daughter had a professor that objected to her conservative views and graded her accordingly. It had taken a lot of effort to get that professor to actually give her a grade based on her work. Now things were different. People who had sneered at her opinions seemed edgy. Instead of self censoring the worm had turned; “It was if they were running scared from me”.
Now they were on their way to a Tea Party for the first time. They were excited both to attend the Tea Party and to see Sarah Palin a person both felt was very good for the country. It and they would make a difference!

That is why they were in Boston so early and determined to be in the front row. Their whole way of life was being validated and it was a special thing. As the crowd swelled from the dozen that were present when they arrived to the thousands that covered the common they knew that, to steal a phrase from decades ago: “the silent majority was silent no longer”!

These photos are from my arrival at about 6;15. The crowd was thin and people were just starting to drift in. The Press was there right at the start getting setup and ready. You would never think from these early photos that thousands upon thousands would soon be filling up the area.

Since the uploads are iffy I’m posting these as is rather than trying to clean them up.